I have actually one java paper with numbers of functions about 30-40 that I usage commonly, so ns am reasoning to make external library of it.

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But I desire to recognize what space the advantages of making library other than it walk not have to import favor java file, is there any kind of performance advantage of do library?


Libraries and also frameworks have actually these advantages:

Reduce the dimension of your class files (code have the right to be extracted and moved in other places where the don"t harass anyone).Cleaner API because you can"t leak internal fieldsYou have the right to test your library live independence of her application. If the library is good, climate the an insect must be in her app. To reduce test and debug time.You deserve to reuse a library in number of projects.

You can make a library if the API is maturation enough, and also robust enough.If you always need to modify it, friend may simply lose girlfriend time in maintenance.One advantage: it pressures you come take treatment of the API.


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