Customer lifetime value (CLTV) is one of the most important metrics to measure up at any type of growing company.

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By measure CLTV in relationship to price of client acquisition (CAC), companies deserve to measure just how long it takes come recoup the investment forced to earn a new customer — such together the price of sales and marketing.

If you want your organization to acquire and also retain highly an useful customers, climate it"s vital that her team learn what customer life time value is and how to calculate it.

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Customer lifetime value (CLV, or CLTV) is the metric that shows the complete revenue a service can fairly expect from a single customer account transparent the service relationship.

The metric considers a customer"s revenue value and also compares the number to the company"s predicted customer lifespan.

Businesses use customer lifetime value to recognize customer segment that are most beneficial to the company. The much longer a customer proceeds to acquisition from a company, the better their life time value becomes.

This metric is something that customer support and also success teams can straight influence throughout the customer"s journey. Customer assistance reps and customer success supervisors play an important roles in addressing problems and also offering recommendations that increase customer loyalty and reduce churn.

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Why is Customer lifetime Value Important?

Here room some reasons why understanding your CLV is essential:

1. It directly affects her revenue.

The CLV identify the certain customers that add the most revenue to your business. This enables you to serve these currently customers through products/services castle like and also make them happier, resulting in them spending an ext money at her company.

According come Research, 55% of growing companies think it"s "very important" come invest in customer organization programs.

If us look at carriers with stagnant or diminish revenue, just 29% claimed this invest was "very important." companies that are proactively geared towards customer"s success space experiencing much more revenue because of raised customer satisfaction.

2. It increases customer loyalty and retention.

When a company optimizes that CLV and consistently provides value — in the kind of great customer support, products, or a loyalty program — it has tendency to rise customer loyalty and also retention.

And with more loyal customers come a lower churn rate, too as rise in referrals, optimistic reviews, and also sales.

3. It helps you target your right customers.

When you recognize the life time value of a customer, you also know how much money they invest with your business over a period of time — even if it is it"s $50, $500, or $5000. Equipped with that knowledge, you can develop a client acquisition strategy that targets customers who will spend the many at her business.

4. That reduces customer acquisition costs.

Acquiring a new customer have the right to be a costly affair. In fact, an post published by Harvard business Review discovered that acquiring a client can cost anywhere in between five and also 25 times an ext than retaining an existing one.

Additionally, an additional study carried out by Bain & company found that a 5% increase in retention rate can lead come a rise in profit in between 25% come 95%.

These stats display it’s vital that your business identifies and also nurtures the most valuable customers that connect with your company. By act so, you"ll have greater profit margins, enhanced customer lifetime values, and reduced client acquisition costs.

Now, stop learn how to calculate CLV in the next section.

To calculation customer life time value, you must calculate the typical purchase value and then multiply the number through the average number of purchases to recognize customer value. Then, when you calculation the average customer lifespan, you have the right to multiply that by customer worth to identify customer lifetime value.

Customer life time Value = (Customer value * average Customer Lifespan)

where Customer worth = typical Purchase worth * Average variety of Purchases

Customer life time Value Model

Now, the formula above is simplifying a the majority of variables and also you might be wonder what metrics favor “Average acquisition Value” are and also how to calculate them. Below, us simplify points by providing you through two models that service providers will use to measure up customer life time value.

In the following section, we’ll break down what metrics like median Purchase worth are and also how to calculate them, therefore you’ll have actually all the understanding you’ll need to calculate customer lifetime value.

Historical Customer life time Value

The historic model uses past data come predict the value of a customer without considering even if it is the existing client will continue with the firm or not. Through the historic model, the mean order worth is used to recognize the value of her customers. You’ll uncover this design to be especially useful if most of her customers only communicate with your business over a certain duration of time.

However, due to the fact that most customer journeys room not identical, this model has particular drawbacks. Active customers (deemed beneficial by the historic model) might end up being inactive and also skew her data. In contrast, inactive customers might begin to to buy from you again, and also you can overlook them because they’ve to be labeled “inactive.”

Predictive Customer lifetime Value

Unlike the historical customer life time value model focusing on past data, the predictive CLV design forecasts the buying behavior of currently and brand-new customers.

Using the predictive design for customer life time value helps you much better identify your most an useful customers, the product or company that brings in the many sales, and also how you have the right to improve client retention.

Read on come learn around the various metrics essential to calculation customer lifetime value and also why castle important.

Customer life time Value Formulas

Average purchase Value

Calculate this number by dividing your company"s complete revenue in a period (usually one year) by the number of purchases throughout that exact same period.


Average purchase Frequency Rate

Calculate this number by splitting the number of purchases by the variety of unique customers who made purchases during that period.


Customer Value

Calculate this number by multiplying the average purchase value by the average purchase frequency rate.


Average client Lifespan

Calculate this number by averaging the number of years a customer continues purchasing from her company.


Customer lifetime Value (CLTV)

Multiply customer value by the typical customer lifespan. The multiplication will provide you the revenue you have the right to reasonably suppose an typical customer to create for your agency throughout their relationship with you.

Customer lifetime Value Example

Using data native a Kissmetrics report, we can take Starbucks as an example for determining CLTV. Its report steps the weekly purchasing actions of five customers, then averages their complete values together. By complying with the steps listed above, we can use this information to calculation the average lifetime value the a Starbucks customer.

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1. Calculate the mean purchase value.

First, we need to measure mean purchase value. Follow to Kissmetrics, the median Starbucks customer spends about $5.90 every visit. We have the right to calculate this by averaging the money invested by a customer in every visit during the week. For example, if I went to Starbucks 3 times and spent nine dollars total, my average purchase worth would be three dollars.

Once we calculate the typical purchase value for one customer, we have the right to repeat the process for the various other five. After ~ that, include each mean together, division that worth by the variety of customers surveyed (five) to get the typical purchase value.

2. Calculate the median purchase frequency rate.

The next step to calculating CLTV is to measure the average purchase frequency rate. In the instance of Starbucks, we require to know how many visits the average customer makes to among its areas within a week. The mean observed throughout the five customers in the report was uncovered to be 4.2 visits. This makes our typical purchase frequency rate 4.2.

3. Calculation the typical customer"s value.

Now the we recognize what the typical customer spends and how many times they visit in a week, we deserve to determine their customer value. To execute this, we need to look in ~ all 5 customers individually and then multiply their average purchase worth by their mean purchase frequency rate. This allows us know exactly how much revenue the client is worth to Starbucks in ~ a week.

Once us repeat this calculation for all 5 customers, we mean their values to acquire the mean customer"s value of $24.30.

4. Calculation the mean customer"s life time span.

While it"s no explicitly proclaimed how Kissmetrics measured Starbucks" average customer life time span, the does perform this value as 20 years. If us were to calculate Starbucks" mean customer lifespan, us would need to look at the number of years every customer frequented Starbucks. Then we could average the values with each other to acquire 20 years. If girlfriend don"t have two decades to wait and verify that, one means to calculation customer lifespan is to division 1 by her churn rate percentage.

5. Calculate your customer"s life time value.

Once us have identified the typical customer value and also the median customer lifespan, we have the right to use this data to calculate CLTV. In this case, we an initial need to main point the typical customer worth by 52. Due to the fact that we measured customers on their weekly habits, we should multiply their customer value by 52 to reflect an yearly average. After ~ that, main point this number by the client lifespan value (20) to acquire CLTV.

For Starbucks customers, that value turns out to be $25,272 (52 x 24.30 x 20= 25,272).

Improving Customer lifetime Value

Now the you understand your customer lifetime value, how do you improve it? here are some techniques that have the right to help.

Optimize her onboarding process.

Customer onboarding is just one of the first interactions your audience would have with her brand after ~ they decide to end up being customers. It’s also the very first chance you need to impress them.

So unless you desire to shed your customers in the first week, you need to optimize her onboarding process to do these customers acquainted with your products and services.

When excellent right, onboarding motivates customers to come earlier to your assets time and time again, thus increasing their life time value.

Best practices for customer onboarding include:

Making it quick and straightforwardUse walk-through or accuse videos

Underpromise but over-deliver.

You deserve to increase your customer life time value by overdelivering on your brand promise. Countless brands currently make bold cases they can’t meet, so it comes as a welcome surprise to customers as soon as they come throughout a brand that over-delivers top top its promise.

Increase your mean order value.

One the the smartest ways to improve your CLV is to boost your average order value.

When a customer is around to check out, you can offer relevant complementary assets to those they’re about to buy. Brands prefer Amazon and McDonald’s are examples of suppliers that use the upsell and also cross-sell method extremely well. Amazon will market you connected products and bundle them into a group price as portrayed below.


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While McDonald’s will market you top top those tasty treats and desserts right prior to you finished her order. Ns can’t tell girlfriend how countless times i have fallen because that the, “would you favor an to apologize pie with that?” trick.

If you’re a subscription-based company, you deserve to increase your mean order and customer lifetime value by encouraging her customers to move to an yearly billing cycle.

Engage and also build your partnership with her customers

Customers spend on products since they’re trying to meet a need. To rise your customer lifetime value and also reduce her churn rate, you have to think past the instant need a customer is trying come satisfy.

As such, you’ll should engage and build a relationship with her customers. Standard practices approximately relationship-building include:

Social listeningRegular check-insHosting regional events and fairsAccepting and implementing client feedbackSending rewards and gifts to an increase customer loyalty and repeat purchases

Improve your customer service

90% the Americans admit that customer organization is one element they consider when selecting companies come do business with. It, therefore, goes without saying that if you desire to enhance your customer life time value, you should pay fist to her customer service and also look for methods to make it excellent.

You deserve to improve your customer service by providing existing customers personalized services, omnichannel client support, and a ideal return or refund policy.

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The benefit of Customer life time Value

Customer lifetime value is an incredibly useful metric. It tells you which customers invest the most at her business and also which persons will continue to be loyal come you because that the longest lot of time. Use the formulas and also model listed above and start calculating CLTV for your organization today.