On stage, he"s a witty, irascible comedian who drinks and smokes. However behind the scenes, Ron White"s simply a witty, irascible comedian that drinks and smokes. The chart-topping Grammy-nominated comedian and also Blue Collar Comedy tourism O.G. Simply announced a tour prevent at the Santander Performing Art center on august 5, 2016. (Tickets walk on revenue on June 24 in ~ 10 a.m.) In turn, us pulled our January 2011 interview v White native the vault. (Best delighted in with a stogie and also a solitary malt.)

Ron White is countless things to many people - a loyal friend, a hilarious comedian, a redneck. However to brand him with only one title (especially redneck) limits the complex nature the the hard-drinking, hard-living, quick-witted Texan.

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But one thing is for sure with White: What you check out on phase is what you gain behind the scene - a sharp humor and someone who enjoys every minute of life together he performs thousands of shows across the country each year.

Throughout his career, White says human being have suggested he clean up his act come be an ext marketable and reach a broader audience. However White, who hit the big time in 2000 while performing v Jeff Foxworthy, bill Engvall and Larry the Cable guy on the very first Blue Collar Comedy Tour, uncovered early on that the best method to be effective is to stay true come his nature.

"I cuss, ns drink, ns smoke, I choose women, I prefer golf, I like fun, I like stimulation," White says. "Every club ns go come is full of human being that drink and smoke and also party, and also I to be like, i think I"m simply going to it is in me.""

On Stage

On a it will be cold night in November, White actions on phase at The cool Opera residence in Wilmington, DE, like a rock star. A cloud of exhilaration pours indigenous his Davidoff cigar and a glass that Macallan 18-year Scotch rests in hand. White"s picture is so associated with cigars that Davidoff has made him their world ambassador.

His rumbling bass voice rasps out an hour and also a half of self-deprecating and highly animated feeling that"s together raunchy as Richard Pryor"s or Eddie Murphy"s in their prime.

Very few topics room taboo in White"s act. That tosses out jokes about having a little penis, his large body and enjoying a warmth stream of water to to wash his ass in a hotel room. That whistles the tune to The Andy Griffith display while telling a blowjob joke.


He talks around his marriages, consisting of his current marriage to singer-songwriter Margo Rey.

And it"s certainly not advisable to heckle the comedian throughout one of his shows; in his act, White translates talking in a live theater to "shitting in the street - it"s miscellaneous you simply don"t do."

During the Wilmington show, White lights his cigar and someone from the audience yells out, "Stop smoking."

"Quit shitting in the street," White blasts back. "If you desire a smoke-free stage, you pertained to the not correct fucking show."

On the Bus

After the show, as White provides his means back to his tourism bus behind the theater, things begin to get interesting. His bus is like a small palatial mansion. There"s a integrated Scotch room filled with bottles of Macallan, and also a humidor loaded with few of the world"s ideal cigars. There space granite tabletops, granite walls and also a bed the takes increase the entire back section of the bus.

A little group of White"s touring companions sit roughly a gigantic flat-screen TV, drink Budweiser and watching the Patriots manhandle the Steelers.

"Everybody"s their very own fucking captain top top this ship," White says. "The roadway is great, yet it"s a lot more fun once you"ve got friends along."

He introduces Pat McCollum, the bus driver and owner that Nashville Coach, the company that constructed White"s tour bus. It"s McCollum"s 57th birthday, and the crew"s preparing to walk to the local "tittie bar" to celebrate.

"Jeff Foxworthy experienced a means to carry his comedy to millions of people and build a yes, really secure life for his family, and also I saw a means to get totally free beer. I looked at it and thought, If ns play my cards right, I might be drunk every night." It transforms out we were both right." - Ron White

Then there"s Steve Cooke, White"s tour manager and also best friend since the age of 6. Cooke"s the pre-show all-purpose guy, running approximately to make certain everything"s in place, consisting of White"s bottle of Scotch and a lighter for his cigar.

Finally, there"s Todd Sawyer, a comedian indigenous Seattle who has actually been White"s opened act for two years. Sawyer states the big misconception about White is that he"s simply doing redneck humor. He calls White"s material more cerebral, much more a commentary on southern culture.

Sawyer, who claims he hasn"t had actually a drink of alcohol for practically 20 years, admits the it"s not simple being top top the road with a crew that likes to drink every night.

"My career wasn"t tracking quite prefer Ron"s when I included liquor," he says.

"And once mine really obtained out of focus," White cuts in v a laugh, "was when I to be eating a most acid."

Up In Smoke

When it concerns psychoactive material, White makes no apologies around ingesting illegal substances. He"s one unabashed support of marijuana, cigarette smoking on a nearly daily communication to attend to his anxiety.


"You desire to take a snapshot of my medical marijuana license?" White asks together he whips the end his prescription map from California. He climate pulls the end a glass pipe and also starts puffing away.

White says the California clinical marijuana system has actually helped many people and

has treated smoking cigarettes pot through some level-headed tolerance.

"I"m a great citizen," White argues. "I really assistance the military. But I do smoke weed. Ns endorse many of our legislations whole-heartedly, however I don"t give a fuck around a pair of them. Some societies just can"t acquire past the fact that i don"t really care about their pot laws, and they"ll fucking lock me up."

White found that out first-hand in Florida in 2008 once he landing in his plane in Vero Beach because that a performance. It"s an event he jokes about in his act. He states cops to be waiting outside of the aircraft to face him around an anonymous guideline that that was running drugs. (White states the "anonymous tip" came from two of his previous pilots who he had actually fired.)

After an hour and also a fifty percent of browsing the plane, the cops uncovered nothing. Then they had the K-9 start sniffing his shoulder bag. White states that"s when he thought, "Ruh-roh." They discovered less than a gram of marijuana (about the indistinguishable of one joint).

White finished up only receiving a citation, yet he had to go before a Florida judge. While in court, White compared marijuana regulations to alcohol prohibition and described a story about how his grand was arrested for making beer.

"This to be a guy who functioned hard every job of his life, and because he liked to drink a cold beer, they placed him in jail," White says. "And ns went, Now, that"s no true, yet it can have been.""

Simple Pleasures

Although White can still it is in a little rough roughly the edges, he states his life has actually calmed down these days. He is a loyal husband who just happens come drink and also smoke. Many of his complimentary time is invested golfing. He also got come play in the Bob Hope classic golf tournament last year with Bill Murray and also PGA pro Troy Merritt.

White"s additionally no stranger to philanthropy. He recently raised $60,000 in less than a minute functioning as one auctioneer at a charity auction in Tennessee and he received a Patriot compensation in 2009 for increasing money to help wounded soldiers.

Since starting as a comedian 26 year ago, he has actually looked at his career together a automobile to live the life the he always wanted to live.

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"Jeff experienced a way to carry his comedy to numerous people and also build a yes, really secure life for his family, and I saw a means to get complimentary beer," White says. "I looked in ~ it and thought, If ns play mine cards right, I could be drunk every night." It transforms out us were both right."

Ron White"s Nutcracker Tour concerns the Santander Performing Arts center (136 N. Sixth St., Reading) tonight. 7:30pm. $46.75/$56.75. Click below for tickets.