value":"With the Redskins having reached the Giants’ 23-yard line, QB Kirk Cousins has actually his happen intercepted by CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie in ~ the 5-yard line. That the an initial turnover that the game.","
value":"The Redskins offensive line has had a really good season. It permitted just 19 sacks in 15 vault games, but new York currently has four midway v the third quarter. Quarterback Kirk Cousins isn’t getting enough time, and it doesn’t appear as if he is adjusting the security on some unique blitzes transparent the game. Washington’s offense has actually been level as a result.","
value":"Mason Foster burst v on a third-and-two toss sweep from the Giants to wrap increase Paul Perkins brief of the first-down marker. ~ above fourth and two native the 16-yard line, new York goes for it, and Foster again do the play, this time dropping right into a zone and tipping away the pass.Fox said Foster has 12 tackles so much today.","
value":"Kirk Cousins is sacked for the 4th time in the game, forcing the Redskins to punting after a loss of 10 yards. Washington walk three and also out top top its very first possession the the second half.","
value":"LB Mason Foster tips Eli Manning’s pass intended because that Odell Beckham Jr., on fourth and also two, and also the Redskins host in the red zone. Washington takes over at that 16-yard line v 9:54 left in the 3rd quarter.","
value":"Here how’s the number looked as the Giants shut out the Redskins during the first half:New York outgained Washington, 194-83, through 10 very first downs to four and an 82-10 benefit in rushing. The Redskins were 1 the 6 on third down.Eli Manning was 12-of-18 passing for 112 yards, if Kirk Cousins was 9 that 13. No quarterback threw a touchdown pass or an interception. Giants running ago Paul Perkins ran 11 times because that 58 yards, a 5.3 average. Rob Kelley of the Redskins had six carries because that nine yards.Odell Beckham Jr. Led the means for the Giants v five records for 44 yards. Jordan Reed’s 3 for 34 was tops because that the Redskins.The Giants had two penalty costing castle 20 yards, and also the Redskins had actually three for 18.More here.","

0:00 Eli Manning 2 pt rush attempt. Unsuccessful.

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0:06 Kirk Cousins pass to the middle to Jordan Reed for 5 yards come the Was11. FUMBLE, recovered by NYG (Trevin Wade) and returned for 11 yards because that a TOUCHDOWN.
0:18 Brad wing punts because that 34 yards come Was5. Jamison Crowder return because that 1 yard to Was6. Tackled through Zak DeOssie.

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E. Manning
180 yards, 0 TD
P. Perkins
21 rush, 102 yards
O. Beckham Jr.
5 rec, 44 yards, 0 TD

K. Cousins
287 yards, 1 TD
R. Kelley
12 rush, 33 yards
C. Thompson
6 rec, 37 yards, 0 TD

1st quarter WAS NYG
Giants ar Goal Attempt, 2:12 Robbie Gould 22 yd FG 0 3
2nd quarter WAS NYG
Giants Rushing TD, 9:20 Rashad Jennings 2 yd operation (Robbie Gould kick) 0 10
3rd quarter WAS NYG
Redskins ar Goal Attempt, 0:25 Dustin Hopkins 32 yd FG 3 10
4th quarter WAS NYG
Redskins happen TD, 8:13 Jordan Reed 1 yd pass from Kirk Cousins (Dustin Hopkins kick) 10 10
Giants field Goal Attempt, 2:12 Robbie Gould 40 yd FG 10 13
Giants Opp Fumble Return TD, 0:00 Trevin walking 11 yd opp fumble return (failed 2pt Rush) 10 19