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Rick from Los AngelesIn response to the above songtruth - Budweiser is in fact not pointed out in the song, though it does sound like it. The line is "Just me and great buddy Wiser" referring to J.P. Wiser"s Whiskies.Jim from West Palm Beach, FlOld time blues, Thorogood style.Leslie from San Juan Bautista, CaI do not recognize around the Lee Marvin reference never before heard the Grand-Dad, yet I have actually a LIVE album of his and the last stanza is, "Now I have actually got me a pet up in my pentresidence yet he never before does bothers meHe ain"t no poodle, no pony, he"s simply a little old wild turcrucial And we drink alone, yeah, via nobody else That"s the method I favor it". LOVE the beat and also the lyrics to this song!!Joey from Memphis, TnThere"s a video with Mr. Marvin in it, and also him alone. It"s killer, and that version mentions Wild Turvital.Joey Ray Wms, Memphis, TNTommy from Ny, NyI had actually heard it was created around Lee Marvin. Also, had heard a variation of the song that mentions Wild Turkey. Can"t uncover it everywhere though.check out more comments
Rock The CasbahThe Clash

Barry Sonnenfeld, who would later on direct the movies Get Shorty and Men in Babsence, was the director of photography on the "Rock the Casbah" video for The Clash.

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Thank YouDiperform

Eminem sampled Dido"s "Thank You" for his song "Stan," and also Dicarry out appeared in his video as Stan"s unfortunate wife.

The Safety DanceMen Without Hats

The Men Without Hats lead singer created "The Safety Dance" after getting kicked out of a bar for dancing as well aggressively. The song is literally about being safe to dance if you want to.

He Ain"t Heavy, He"s My BrotherThe Hollies

The motto for Boys Tvery own, which was a Nebraska home for troubled youth, inspired the song "He Ain"t Heavy, He"s My Brother" by The Hollies.

Head FirstAerosmith

Geffen Records made history on June 27, 1994 as soon as Aerosmith"s "Head First" came to be the initially significant label song made accessible for exclusive digital downfill. Downfill speeds at the moment were so slow it took approximately 75 minutes to download the track.

Uptown FunkMark Ronson

"Uptown Funk" by Mark Ronson was 2015"s best-offering single in both the U.S. and U.K.

Tom Keifer of CinderellaSongwriter Interviews

Tom talks about the development of Cinderella"s songs through their first 3 albums, and also just how he writes as a solo artist.

Loudon Wainwideal IIISongwriter Interviews

"Dead Skunk" came to be a stinker for Loudon when he felt press to make another hit - his latest songs attend to mortality, his boy Rufus, and picking up poop.

Protest SongsMusic Quiz

How well carry out you recognize your protest songs (including the one that visited #1)?

dUg Pinnick of King"s XSongwriter Interviews

dUg dIgs into his King"s X steel classics and also his many kind of side jobs, consisting of the one via Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam.

"Stairmethod To Heaven" Lawsuit: A TimelineSong Writing

Untangling the occasions that led to the "Stairmeans To Heaven" lawsuit.

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Kevin GodleySongwriter Interviews

Kevin Godley talks around directing classical videos for The Police, U2 and Duran Duran, and also discusses song and videos he made with 10cc and Godley & Creme.