The understanding of stone DLC for The Witcher 3 is one awesome enhancement to Geralt"s adventure yet some football player make large mistakes on their playthrough.

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even though the very first The Witcher 3 DLC Hearts of rock isn"t as long as the second one, that still uses plenty of difficulty to the players. The key storyline forces Geralt to make morally an overwhelming decisions an ext than once. He likewise has to take on multiple solid bosses to settle the problem. And also if that decides to do so, the can finish up fighting an actual evil one - or something very similar.

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Considering the huge amount of content this DLC offers, it"s straightforward to make more than simply one mistake when playing it, especially for the very first time. Some of these mistakes room then an ext common than others.

Toad Prince
The Toad Prince is among the most complicated bosses in the entire game. And also if Geralt isn"t ready for the beast, that will cause a many trouble. The Toad Prince spits venom at Geralt the temporarily avoids him native moving and damages his health. It also causes shock waves by jumping that can throw Geralt aside. The player must level up prior to fighting the beast and craft the golden Oriole which will certainly make Geralt immune to poison for a time.

Geralt and Olgierd Von Everec Witcher 3 mind of Stone
speak of ideal preparation, simply like practically every quest in the base game has a recommended level, for this reason does Hearts of Stone. The football player shouldn"t begin the DLC until they with at least the thirtieth level, ideally a little bit more. That can seem prefer too much but if the players formerly completed the basic game and also all next quests and also witcher contracts, obtaining to the right level shouldn"t be a problem.

Geralt and also Vesemir
However, there"s one necessary reason why it"s a great idea to carry out at the very least a part of Hearts of rock before the player fights the Wild Hunt at Kaer Morhen. During the auction at the Borsodi Auction House, Geralt will accomplish Countess Mignole, Vesemir"s former lover who never stopped love the old witcher. If Vesemir is dead by this point, Geralt will tell the sad news to the Countess and also it will certainly hurt her. Yet if Geralt walk this quest before the battle, the Countess will be pleased to hear Vesemir"s doing alright. What"s more, Geralt can then return to Kaer Morhen and talk come Vesemir around meeting the Countess.

Witcher 3 Geralt and Ciri
As will certainly all the football player know, Geralt safety a far-reaching part that the base video game looking because that Ciri - only to find that she"s ~ above the Isle of Mists. Yet if Geralt decides to settle Olgierd von Everec"s wishes prior to he goes to the Isle of Mists and also if that sides v Gaunter O"Dimm in the DLC"s finale, he have the right to actually asking Gaunter to reward that by saying where Ciri is.

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that leads to a unique line of conversation that most players will miss. What"s more, Gaunter will additionally warn Geralt what no to do as soon as he gets Ciri back and tells Geralt just how to protect against Ciri from dying as soon as she later on goes to fight the White Frost.

another reason why the player can want to start Hearts of stone before finishing the base game is Geralt"s scar - or, much more precisely, the note Gaunter O"Dimm provides on his face to remind Geralt of their pact. If Geralt go to ago to Triss or Yennefer, he have the right to ask them around the mark. Both the them will certainly be concerned around it, yet won"t it is in able to assist him. And also if Geralt discovered Ciri through this point, lock can additionally talk around the mark and also Ciri will reveal a bit much more about her very own scars. Finally, if the player starts Blood and Wine before Geralt it s okay rid the the mark, Geralt"s good vampire friend Regis will also comment top top the mark on Geralt"s face.

It"s a tiny detail yet a funny one nonetheless - and plenty the players miss it. Geralt has actually the chance to craft the so-called "Concealment Kit" in Hearts that Stone. To execute that, he very first has to buy the Professor"s glasses during the auction. The then needs to go to the phase where he shot in ~ the elf (at Eveline Gallo"s request), and he will find the diagram because that the kit underneath the stage"s stairs. Finally, Geralt has to gain the ear from the dwarves in ~ the wedding where he goes through Shani. The Concealment Kit looks hilarious, and while that doesn"t accomplish its supposed role - helping Geralt blend in v the crowd - it would certainly still be a dead to miss out top top it.

prior to Geralt take away on the plenty of enemies and monsters he encounters in Hearts the Stone, the should discover the time to invest part money into a new enterprise. He can discover the an alert for this side pursuit at the notice board near the 7 Cats Inn.

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To complete the quest, Geralt will require thousands that crowns yet the an outcome will be fine worth it due to the fact that the complicated runes that Geralt deserve to buy after this search is finished will make Geralt a lot stronger fighter.

among the much more optimistic searches of the Heart of stone happens once Geralt has actually a day with Shani at she friend"s wedding. And also even though he share his body with a ghost, the still has a nice time. However Shani i do not care sad as soon as Geralt is about to leave. If Geralt wants to cheer her up, he can either carry her flower or alcohol. If he choose the latter, he"s in for an unexpected surprise, and not a pleasant one. So it"s better to learn an ext about Shani"s taste and get her the flower she likes.

The third wish Olgierd von Everec has actually is come get ago the rose he provided to his mam Iris. Geralt learns the Iris is dead and also travels right into the painted civilization she created. He speak to Iris and realizes the if the takes the rose, that will typical that Iris will disappear. However, he has the option to lug Olgierd a painting of him and also Iris rather - in i m sorry Iris is hold the rose. If the does that, Iris will continue to live in the civilization she created and also she"ll understand that her husband never ever stopped thinking of her.

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at the end of the Hearts the Stone, Geralt have the right to either select to help Olgierd or he can side with Gaunter O"Dimm. If he sides v Gaunter, Olgierd will certainly die and also Gaunter will certainly then offer Geralt a prize of his choosing. Siding through Gaunter is something countless players make the efforts at the very least once, but considering his past actions and the ways he tortures people, it"s far much more satisfying come trick him and also banish the from the Earth.

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