Last male Standing"s cast and also crew have actually experienced fairly a remarkable journey because debuting back in 2011. That journey was seemingly cut short after Season 6, once ABC cut ties and also cancelled the sitcom, yet Fox stepped up and also eventually conserved the day v its Season 7 renewal. Now, though, the Tim Allen-led comedy is once again regrettably being placed to pasture, and things space a lot various this time around, considering COVID protocols have actually been set so that shows choose Last male Standing space unable to make use of live studio audiences.

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During an figure on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week, Tim Allen described how monster it is because that Last male Standing to film brand-new episodes there is no an audience roughly to store the laughter and also energy going. Here"s exactly how he put it:

I said, ‘They’ve take away the display out of display business.’ You’re simply doing your work, lighting guys gained to come in, separate, it’s Disney protocols, and also they’re doing that to save everybody’s life and all that. It’s simply weird. Our present is based on... It"s choose theater, but stand-up. We have 200, 300 civilization in the live audience. Us love ours live-audience show. Not there! No live audience. For this reason we have a bunch of punish boxes. It was really sad. It to be dry, and no one knew what to do, and we have actually paid laughers in punish boxes. They"re just up in these boxes and then they were obtaining dry after a while. Therefore we had actually a paid warm-up male to heat up the payment laughers. And also you"re going, "You gotta it is in kidding me. Come on, people, let"s go!"

The method Tim Allen put it, things were already pretty distinctive as soon as filming started, there is no the thousands of audience members that everyone top top the display is offered to seeing. While some talk reflects tend to placed staff and also occasionally staffer households in their studio audiences to add whatever laughter they can to episodes, Last man Standing walk a step additional and set up specialized seating kinds for people to come in with the express purpose of offering laughter and other reactions.

But because the reactions from those audience members came to be "dry" quite quickly, lock apparently decided to populate the audience boxes v "paid" laughers. Yet even those world lost the normal enthusiasm that drives live tapings, therefore Last male Standing"s producers then lugged a comedian to ease the paid audience increase so that they would be more reactionary later on episodes. That absolutely seems choose a weird slippery slope to begin walking down once it involves trying to supply one"s sitcom with laughter. Everything works, ns guess.

It"s been interesting to see how various TV programming output handles live audiences. Sports institutions like the NFL integrate the restricted live group noise through curated reactions culled from past years" games, while some talk show hosts give viewers the possibility to chime in remotely. For Last guy Standing"s fellow Fox sitcom Call Me Kat, a laugh track enforced even though no audiences were approximately to take component in that show"s at an early stage episodes, despite that would likely change if and also when protocols space lifted.

Last man Standing fans watching at home cannot wait for this season to arrive, seeing as how we"ll get to watch the return the Kaitlyn Dever"s night Baxter, even though it can only be with a Zoom speak to in the premiere. (Which chin is ensuing after a time jump.) but perhaps the biggest final season disclose so far is that Tim Allen"s own Home Improvement personality Tim "The device Man" Taylor will certainly be make a crossover appearance at some suggest during Season 9. Inspect out a an initial look at the classic TV character below:

Last guy Standing is heading into its final episodes on Fox beginning on Sunday, January 3, at 8:30 p.m. ET, prior to shifting come its regular weekly slot top top Thursday nights in ~ the very same time. The final season will be airing after brand-new episodes the Big Bang Theory vet Mayim Bialik"s brand-new show Call Me Kat. While waiting to watch more, head come our Winter and also Spring 2021 premiere schedule to check out what other new and returning reflects will be roughly when the brand-new year arrives.

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