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Tickets are obtainable now and also start as low as $25. If you space interested in general tickets or deluxe suites for this event, please contact 415-GO-49ERS, ext. 3 or email premiumhospitality

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All to represent of the media planning to cover the Foster farms Bowl have to submit his/her credential applications no later than Tuesday, December 20, 2016. No credential applications will be processed after December 22, 2016. Applications may be filed individually, or on behalf of an organization by the sporting activities editor, news assignment editor, broadcast sporting activities director or other appropriate supervisor. Approvals or denials will certainly be sent as shortly as the review of the application has been completed. 



We ask that all guests attending the game, please review the stadium event guide before your arrival.

Ticket Policy

All guests periods 2 and over must have an event ticket to go into the stadium. There will certainly be no re-entry ~ admittance. Guests should have their tickets prepared to scan top top approaching the stadion entry gates. The ticket barcode need to be visible no matter the ticket type.

Player-Guest Will contact for each school will be located at Toyota door F and opens at 2pm.

Visa crate Office The Visa box Office will be open up at 2pm and also is situated at the north finish of the stadium within Toyota door F.

Clear Bag Policy

Clear plastic bags up to 12″ x 6″ x 12″One gallon clean plastic zip lock type bagsSmall clutch bags roughly the dimension of an adult’s hand (4.5″ x 6.5″) with or without a manage or strap, might be carried into the stadium.

Bag examine Locations Bag inspect locations are located at Toyota gate F, Intel gate A and Dignity health Gate C for guests to check-in any type of bags that space not in compliance v the bag policy.

Timeline Wednesday, December 28

Visa box Office Opens2pm
General Parking lots Open2pm
Faithful Mile Opens2:30pm
49ers Museum presented by Sony3:30pm – 5:15pm
Premium entrances Opens3:30pm
Stadium gates Open3:30pm

Quick Links

Cash too many Cash too many (day of event parking) will be made available on a first-come first-serve basis. Prices differ per lot and also will it is in $10 higher than if purchased in advance. Because that this game, the following parking lots will certainly be open up for cash payment: Red many 1 and also Blue lot 1.

easily accessible Parking Mobility services will be onsite at 2pm to provide roving carts transparent Red Lot 1 for assistance to stadion gates. In addition, Bauer buses will carry out shuttles from Blue many 1 come Dignity health and wellness Gate C.

Bicycle Parking bicycle parking will certainly be located outside of Intel door A pedestrian bridge. Every ticketed guests will be allowed the usage of the san Tomas Aquino Creek trail beginning at 2pm. The Silicon sink bicycle coalition will be administering this operation.

Buses/Oversized Vehicles – Tailgate Buses/oversized vehicles that wish come tailgate must park in Blue RV and also contact the Visa box Office in ~ 408-579-4449 to purchase parking in advance.

Tailgating Tailgating is permitted in specified areas only. Please see the parking lot map for which parking lots permit tailgating. Non-compliance may an outcome in ejection indigenous the lot without compensation. Tailgating will cease after ~ the event begins.

Parking lots in Operation

Purchase pre-paid parking overcome in advance on or on the mobile app as prices increase by $10 on occasion day.

Automobiles/Motorcycles: Red lot of 1, Blue many 1$50
Accessible Parking Red many 1$50*
Buses/Oversized Vehicles – Tailgate Blue RV$120
Buses/Oversized Vehicles – Non-Tailgate Red Lot 1$100

*with precious placard

to buy PARKING

All guests have to be in possession of a valid occasion ticket, pass, or credential come park in a designated parking lot. 


Tailgating is allowed in specified locations only. Non-compliance may result in ejection native the lot there is no compensation. Tailgating will certainly cease after ~ the game starts.

Tailgating is characterized as; the usage of any kind of item (including tables, chairs, free-standing canopies or umbrellas, awnings attached to recreational vehicles, coolers, barbeques, grills, games, generators, televisions, sound systems, food or drink, food or drink preparation or offer equipment, or other items as figured out by the City Manager or designee) for the objective of one outdoor collection by one or an ext people prior to, throughout or after ~ a scheduled stadium event.

Tailgating will certainly cease after ~ kickoff.All guests must be in possession that a valid occasion ticket or credential.Amplified sound is prohibited.Excessive intake of alcohol is prohibited.Tailgating can not impede vehicle or foot traffic.Tailgating is minimal to the area directly in former of or behind your automobile only.Empty spaces may not be booked or used for the function of tailgating.Tents or canopies exceeding one 8’ x 8’ footprint are not permitted.Appropriate receptacles need to be used for the handle of warm coals.All Guest password of Conduct and also parking plans are in effect.
Bags the comply through the Bag plan (see Bag policy above)BlanketsCameras through 3-inch lenses or much shorter (no lights, tripods, selfie-sticks or monopods)Clear plastic zip-lock bagsDiaper bags accompanying a childFlags (No Poles)Food and fruit (must be cut into pieces).Plastic party (sealed) and also thermoses (no alcohol)Seat cushionsStrollers **Umbrellas *

The adhering to ARE banned in the stadium:

* Umbrellas are enabled in the stadium detailed they carry out not obstruct another guest’s check out or pose any safety hazard.** Please call your nearest Playmaker if you room in require of save on computer a baby stroller or wheelchair as they space not allowed to be stored in the seating areas.

Anyone own PROHIBITED items will certainly be asked to return castle to their cars, take it them to among our Bag check stations or dispose of castle in the garbage cans detailed at the gate.

+ much more - much less

For additional information regarding public transport click here.

Valley transport Authority (VTA) VTA provides buses and also light rail transportation in the better San Jose area reaching mountain View, Cupertino, and also Sunnyvale. VTA buses will certainly drop turn off guests in 2 (2) locations:

› Intersection that Tasman journey and good America Parkway › Intersection of Tasman Drive and also Calle Del Sol

VTA light rail trains will drop off and also pick up in ~ the great America Station situated north that the stadium. For more information, please visit, or speak to 408-321-2300.

Caltrain Caltrain offers services from mountain Francisco to south San Jose v stops all follow me the peninsula. On event day, Caltrain transports passengers from all places to connect with VTA irradiate rail trains or buses in ~ the hill View Transit Center, located at Evelyn Ave, and also Castro Street. For more information, you re welcome visit, or call 1-800-660-4287.

GET2theEvent GET2theEVENT is a department of Bauer’s smart Transportation, official partners that the 49ers and Levi’s Stadium. Every game Day… GET2 offers direct, luxury, round-trip bus organization from 10 convenient pick-up locations throughout the bay Area. In other words; “DON’T DRIVE. ENJOY!” Round-trip tickets are accessible now on our website – watch you ~ above board!


All available parking will certainly be directed to Red Lot 1. Guests who possess a precious placard will certainly be command to park in Red Lot 1 and also must screen their placard at the enntrance gate to be admitted.

Assisted Listening gadgets will be accessible at all Guest services kiosks presented by United located throughout the stadium.


Recommended exit routes to take based on your desired destination.

Exit Intel door A because that fans riding the VTA irradiate Rail come Caltrain, ride-sharing or who have actually parked in Red lot 1 should departure via Intel gate A.

Exit Dignity wellness Gate C for fans parked in Blue many 1 or heading to the Charter Bus Parking lot, we recommend exiting via Dignity health Gate C.

Exit Toyota door F for fans riding ACE trains, VTA Buses, Capitol Corridor trains, taxi or rideshare, Uber or who have actually parked in Yellow lots 1, 2, 3 should leave via Toyota gate F.

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View Utah and also Indiana’s pregame warmup indigenous the field with one guest, watch the teams hit the field from the players tunnel prior to kickoff or run on to the field and also take the tee ~ the opened kick. Keep the memories alive forever with golden Opportunties.