Standard 1.2: The government of the roman inn Republic

Describe the government of the roman Republic and also the aspects of republican principles that are obvious in modern governments.

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FOCUS QUESTION: how did the government of the roman inn Republic contribute to the development of modern Democracy?

"Roman Forum, Rome, Italy" through Eustaquio Santimano is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

The modules because that this standard discover this concern by assessing the role of Roman federal government in Roman culture and roman engineering; the widespread existence of slavery in Roman culture as well of the resistance of servants (both in the old world and also in phibìc America) to their oppression; and the lasting impact of the Latin language top top the English language and the native we usage to discuss citizenship, government and also politics.

Modules for this conventional Include:

INVESTIGATE: roman Government and also Roman Engineering and Public functions Projects

1. INVESTIGATE: roman inn Government and Roman Engineering and Public works Projects

The government of the roman Republic wasneither strictly a monarchy (rule by one) or a straight democracy (rule by all). The had autonomous features but was basically a "fundamentally undemocratic society dominated by a choose caste of affluent aristocrats" (Brown, 2016, para. 2).

In drafting the Constitution and also envisioning a democratic culture for the united States, the American founders focused on the following functions of the roman Republic. Rome had a constitution. There were writtenlaws. Disputes were cleared up in courts. There were separate branches that the government and most roman inn male citizens had actually some vote power. Finally, there was the id in the overriding rule of libertas (liberty). As historian Mary moustache (2005) noted, “All, or most, Romans would have actually counted themselves as upholders that libertas” (p. 129).


Aqueduc romain du Mont Chemin by Sylenius is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Roman aqueductsdelivered water over long ranges using downhill heaviness flows to public baths and also fountains transparent cities and also towns. The city of Rome had more than 480 miles of aqueducts that brought 300 million gallons the water daily.

The indigenous "aqueduct" comes from the Latin words "aqua" an interpretation water and also "ducere" definition to command or to conduit. Aqueducts revolutionized Roman society, one blog referred to them as the "dawn the plumbing."To learn how aqueducts function, see the video: roman inn Water supply from scientific research Channel.


Photo the "Roman collared servants - Ashmolean Museum" by Jun is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The institution of enslavement was interwoven right into all areas of roman life.

Slaves were condition symbols for the wealthy.Slaves were compelled to do hands-on labor (e.g. Farming) in dreadful working conditions.Due come the continuous warfare that the Roman realm it was difficult for them come grow sufficient food to sustain everyone in the empire. To balance this, they frequently took the prisoners of war and made them prosper food so they could continue to be in ~ war.Slaves were compelled to do family labor together cooks, waiters, cleaners, and gardeners.Slaves were forced to work on public works tasks such together the building and construction of buildings and also aqueducts.Slaves were also forced to it is in gladiators, and also participate in ritualized publicly violence in which men and also women literally dealt with their deaths for the to chat of spectators.Slaves were needed to keep Roman culture stable due to the fact that they were together a high percent of the population.

Unlike the Atlantic slave trade centuries later, Roman slavery was not based upon race. Roman slaves consisted of prisoners the war, sailors caught by pirates, and enslaved people purchased exterior Roman territory. Impoverished roman citizens occasionally sold their youngsters into enslavement to do money.Slavery, as practiced in Rome and many other societies, contradicted the fundamental principles of freedom and also liberty. It produced lasting and also unresolved philosophical and political problems in every democracy where it to be practiced—including colonial North America and also the United claims before and after the civil War.

Throughout history slaves have rebelled against those that enslaved them. The desire to it is in free, to have regulate over one’s life, is basic to gift human. Spartacus to be a gladiator and leader the a lengthy, despite unsuccessful, servant revolt against the roman inn Republic in 73 BCE.


"Général Toussaint Louverture"NYPL Digital Gallery/Public Domain

Resistance to slavery through slave revolts is a recurring theme in the history of the Atlantic servant Trade and the American South prior to the polite War. In the Jamacian servant Uprising that 1760-61, among the biggest slave revolts of the 18th century, 1000 enslaved Africans increased up against their oppressors in a violent, bloody struggle. It to be a powerful example of black color agency, yet it is not included in countless textbooks. "Masters and their captives struggled through one another continuously," listed historian Vincent Brown in his publication Tacky"s Revolt: A Story of an Atlantic slave War (2020, p. 7). A an ext complete background demands us, in Brown"s view, to "elaborate on the slaves" grievances and also goals, or the connections amongst the miscellaneous individuals and forces behind the insurrections" (2020, p. 13).

The united States likewise had servant revolts, as Henry Louis gateways (100 exceptional Facts around the Negro) has recorded: the Stono Rebellion (1739), the brand-new York City Conspiracy that 1741; Gabriel"s Conspiracy (1800); the German coastline Uprising (1811), and also the Nat Turner Rebellion (1831). Every is a compelling instance of black resistance to the cruelties that slavery. For as the 20th century revolutionist Frantz Fanon (1961) wrote in The Wretched the the Earth: “the well known dictum which claims that all men are equal will find its illustration in the swarms only once the colonized subject says he is same to the colonist” (p. 9).

Suggested discovering Activities

Compare and Contrast slave Revolts and Rebellions in Roman background and U.S. HistoryExplore Interactive digital Resources

Online Resources about Slave Revolts

Background details on slavery in United states history:

3. ENGAGE: What Latin Words and also Phrases should Every Student want to Know?

Why walk the English language encompass so numerous words native Latin, a language that is hardly spoken in the joined States? has actually concluded the 60 percent of every English native come indigenous Greek or Latin roots; in science and also technology, the number is more than 90 percent. Ten percent that Latin words have actually come straight into English - state such together chivalrous, flux, rapport, and also taunt.

Knowing the definition of Latin words and phrases is necessary in everyday life. One would not desire to sign a contract that had actually the phrase caveat emptor (let the buyer beware) or fail to accept someone"s mea culpa (it to be my fault). The term "coronavirus" is obtained from the Latin word because that corona (crown-like one of light) + virus. Acoronavirus has actually the illustration of a solar corona when seen under one electron microscopic lense (see Coronavirus Etymology top top Wikipedia).

Latin is the language of law and government. Understanding Latin is vital to understanding one"s legal rights in political and also legal systems.E Pluribus Unum is a Latin phrase definition from “out that many, one.” it was embraced as the united States" motto in 1782 and very first appeared on a U.S. Coin in 1795. It was intended come convey the message that the United claims is one nation made from numerous diverse peoples and also places.E Pluribus Unumwas replaced by “In God us Trust” together a Cold War-era statement versus communism. For more, consult:


Apotheosis of Washington, information E Pluribus Unum - 1865 by Michael Edward McNeil is license is granted under CC by 2.0

Hundreds of Latin language words and also phrases that have actually made their means into the English language. Words justice had its origins in Latin jus, meaning "right" or "law."The English words "citizen," "civil," "civics," and also "civilization" all come from the Latin native civis(city-dweller, citizen) and civitas(city). Then there is the wordpater (father) which provides English the native paternal, patriot, and patriarchy. The words segregate and desegregate come from the term segregatus meaning come "set apart" or "separate native the herd." Many an ext important state from Latin are listed in the glossary of Educational and also Legal Terms because that Middle and also High college Students.

Latin words appear regularly in the news.Quid agree quo, definition an exchange the something because that something, came to be widely used during the 2019/2020 impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump’s well known phone speak to with the chairman of Ukraine. That phone call, and also its bordering events, established that the shipment of U.S. Security assistance was contingent on Ukraine announcing an investigation into Trump’s politics rival, former Vice chairman Joe Biden and also his son. Latin is additionally used for mottos, including the Massachusetts state motto, Ense petit placidam sub libertate quietem (By the sword we look for peace, yet peace only under liberty). Ars gratia artis (art because that the love that art) is the motto that the movie studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.Suggested discovering Activities

Design a cloak of arms Featuring a Motto in LatinUse Latin words in WritingFrom a perform of usual Latin words and phrases (see instances below), in groups, design a video, skit, or digital story in i m sorry the personalities use multiple Latin words in the narrative.

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Ad infinitum: going on for ever and everBona fide: in an excellent faithCum laude: through honorDe facto: in factEt cetera: and the restPer diem: for/by each dayPro bono: for goodAlibi: elsewherePer se: In itselfMulti-: manyQuid pro quo: this for thatSemi-: HalfVerbatim: word because that wordVersus: againstAffidavit: he/she/it asserted under oathSend a blog post in LatinExpress the expression creatively utilizing paper, colored markers and also pencils, or online through a meme or poster.Present the Latin blog post to the class, define what it way in English, and also display the phrases in the great or top top a virtual bulletin board/class website.

Online Resources around Latin Language

Standard 1.2 Conclusion

The roman Republic, favor the government of old Athens, had actually political and social features that do their method into the new government the the joined States. INVESTIGATE looked in ~ the structure of roman government and also the central role that enslavement played in roman society. UNCOVER handle the long history of slave revolts, consisting of the duties of Spartacus, and much later, Toussaint L"Ouverture, the Haitian Revolution, and revolts the Black servants in the American South prior to the civil War. ENGAGE asked what Latin words and also phrases should everyone know?