A ________ is the icicle-like speleothem that grows down from the roof of a cavern.

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An aquifer is ________.

a saturated, porous, and also permeable class or stratum

An artesian well is one in i beg your pardon ________.

water rises above the top of the aquifer without any type of pumping

An unconfined water table is the ________.

boundary between the aerated zone above and saturation zone below

Excessive underground water withdrawals can cause ________.

the water table to drop or decline in elevation

For unconfined aquifers, what hydrologic variable is approximated by the slope of the water table?

hydraulic gradient

The Unsaturated region ________.

lies over the water table

The hot spring deposits in ~ Mammoth warm Springs, Yellowstone national Park, are travertine. What rock more than likely lies what beneath the warm springs?


The water table is ________.

boundary in between saturated absent below and also unsaturated rock above

What pressure pushes groundwater indigenous pore to pore listed below the water table?

pressure gradient or hydraulic gradient

Which common, rock-forming mineral or mineral group is many readily liquified by groundwater?


Which that the following finest describes just how geysers erupt?

With a slight palliation in pressure, water in a saturated, herbal conduit all of sudden boils, sending out a plume of heavy steam and hot water right into the air over the vent.

Which of the following defines the configuration of an unconfined water table roughly a pump well?

cone that depression

Which one of the following worrying artesian wells is no true?

When the fine penetrates the aquifer, the water rises come the bottom that the aquitard over the aquifer.

Which among the following worrying stalactites and also stalagmites is no true?

Stalagmites type on the floors of caves listed below the water table.

Which one of the following statements is true for an artesian aquifer?

The water table in the recharge area is in ~ a greater elevation than the top of the aquifer in the subsurface.

________ account because that the largest consumption of groundwater in the joined States.

Agriculture and irrigation

_______ are characteristics found in all great aquifers.

High porosity and also high permeability

________ are certain features of karst topography.

Streams flowing into depressions and also continuing underground

________ controls the lull (or difficulty) of groundwater transmission with a porous material.


________ is the volume of voids or open an are in a absent or unconsolidated material.


________ would have the biggest capacity to normally remove sewer pollutants.

Slightly clayey sand

Artesian groundwater conditions can develop in an inclined aquifer with aquitards over and below.


In areas underlain by unconsolidated or weakly consolidated strata, lowering of the water table can cause the land come subside.


In general, contaminated groundwater will be normally cleaned faster by circulation with porous and permeable sands than by circulation with fractured, crystalline igneous and also metamorphic rocks.


In humid areas and for unconfined, groundwater conditions, the water table normally slopes towards the sink of a perennial stream.


The water table is a surface separating the saturated and also unsaturated zones.

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Water-saturated muds have actually low permeabilities yet can have better porosities than well-cemented sandstone.