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In solemn event of your reunion, we ask: i m sorry Jonas Brother are You?

As embarrassing as it may be come be admit now, yes no allude beating approximately the bush: The Jonas Brothers were a huge part of our adolescence. Whether you taped their posters to her bedroom walls, simply sang to your music or swooned as they graced our display screens in music videos and also movies—they to be there. They were part of ours lives. And now, lock back.

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Our boys room married now; it’s not Nick/Joe/Kevin anymore. That Nick/Priyanka, Joe/Sophie and also Kevin/Gabrielle. However despite your purity rings transforming right into wedding rings, us love them just the same. Burnin’ Up, always.

But currently that the boys have actually grown up (and we’ve matured ourselves), who space we many like? we aren’t teens in college uniforms anymore and also they no long-haired nice boys, after all.

Let’s uncover out.

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Which Jonas Brother are You?

What is your best pet peeve?

1. Being woken up
2. Gift told what to do
3. Being late

What duty do you play in her group?

1. The quiet one
2. The outspoken one
3. The fun one

Which among these attention you the most?

1. Technology
2. Science
3. Movies

Who is her celebrity crush?

1. Matthew McConaughey
2. Hillary Duff
3. Shania Twain

What execute you watch for most in a partner?

1. Someone the understands her priorities yet isn’t fear to voice the end her own
2. Someone the accepts you as you are
3. Someone you have the right to have fun with

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