Which network ingredient connects a an equipment with the transmission media and permits it to send and also receive messages?ClientNetwork interface cardPeripheralProtocolServer
Network user interface cardThe network user interface card (NIC) enables a machine to send and receive messages over the infection media.

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TransceiverA transceiver (short for transmitter/receiver) sends out signals to and receives signal from the network. It converts the parallel data currently of the computer to the serial data present of the network and also vice versa. Most transceivers are now constructed into network interface cards (NICs).
It convey digital data indigenous the PC into analog data and transmits that on a call network.It demodulates analog data from a phone call network right into digital pc data.Modem is shorthand because that modulator/demodulator. Its task is to transform (or modulate) digital data native a PC into analog telephone signals and transmit them v a call network.
You have a server that has actually a 100BaseFX network user interface card the you need to connect to a switch. The move only has 100BaseTX move ports.Which maker should friend use?RepeaterHubBridgeMedia converterGateway
Media converterUse a media converter to convert from one media form to an additional media type within the exact same architecture.Use a bridge to connect two devices that use different network architectures, for instance to connect a wired network to wireless clients. A hub or a repeater attach devices utilizing the same media type.
Layer 1A media converter operates in ~ the OSI version layer 1 (Physical layer). The media converter equates frames into bits and transmits castle on the infection medium.At class 2, the MAC deal with is added to do the data right into a frame. At layer 3, the IP attend to is included to the packet. A media converter does not transform or usage the MAC resolve or the IP address.
What form of module could a switch usage to allow it to change the media type supported by a switch port? (Select two)OC-xSFPMPLSGBIC
SFPGBICOlder network adapters used an outside transceiver that matched the media type. While nearly all present network adapters come through a integrated transceiver type, new devices, such as switches and also routers, use transceiver modules that allow you to change the media form of a harbor by an altering the transceiver. Transceiver modules include the following:GBIC (gigabit user interface converter) is a larger-sized transceiver the fits in a port slot and also is provided for Gigabit media including copper and also fiber optic.SFP (small form-factor pluggable) is similar to a GBIC however with a smaller size. One SFP is sometimes referred to as a mini-GBICXFP transceiver is similar in size to an SFP but is supplied for 10 Gigabit networking.
C0-34-FF-15-01-8EA MAC or hardware address is a distinctive identifier hard coded on every network adapter card. A precious MAC resolve has a total of 12 hexadecimal numbers. Hexadecimal numbers contain the number 0 come 9 and letters A to F. Valid values in a MAC address variety anywhere indigenous 00 come FF. Keep in mind that one of the answers would be precious MAC attend to except it offers a G value, i m sorry is beyond the range of a hexadecimal number.
Which the the adhering to is a precious MAC address?95ABC2F4.ABC5.569D.43BFFABC.875E.9BG6AB.07.CF.62.16.BD145.65.254.10
AB.07.CF.62.16.BDMAC addresses are consisted of of 12 hexadecimal digits (ranging from 0-9 and also A-F). Castle are commonly represented as a three sets of four hexadecimal number or six sets of 2 hexadecimal digits separated v periods. Regardless of the grouping and also separator values, look because that 12 hex digits for a precious MAC address.
Which the the complying with is true about the MAC address? (Select two)It is commonly represented through octets the decimal numbers between 0-255It is commonly represented through hexadecimal numbers.It is a 64-bit addressIt is a 48-bit addressIt is a 32-bit address
It is frequently represented by hexadecimal numbers.It is a 48-bit addressThe MAC resolve identifies the physical address of the network adapter. The MAC deal with is a 12-digit (48-bit) hexadecimal number (each number arrays from 0-9 or A-F). The attend to is regularly written as 00-B0-D0-06-BC-AC OR 00B0.D006.BCAC, back dashes, periods, and also colons have the right to be provided to divide the MAC address parts.An IPv4 deal with is 32-bits and also uses octets the decimal numbers between 0-255. An IPv6 resolve is a 64-bit deal with that supplies 32 hexadecimal numbers.
A host wants to send a blog post to one more host through the IP resolve IP walk not recognize the hardware resolve of the location device. I beg your pardon protocol can be supplied to uncover the MAC address?BOOTPARPDNSDHCPIGMPICMP
Which of the adhering to hardware devices links multiple networks and directs traffic between networks?RouterRepeaterHubBridge
RouterA router is a maker that web links multiple networks and directs traffic between networks. Each network linked by routers has actually its own unique identifier called the "network number" or "network address."
You space the network administrator because that a small organization. Recently, you contracted v an ISP to connect your organization"s network come the internet to provide users with web access. Due to the fact that doing so, it has pertained to your fist that an intruder has actually invaded her network from the web on three separate occasions.RouterSwitchHubCSU/DSUProxy serverFirewall
FirewallThe role of a firewall is to provide a obstacle between an organization"s network and a publicly network, such together the Internet. Its project is to protect against unauthorized accessibility into the organization"s personal network. To perform this, the firewall examines just arrived packets and determines even if it is they must be allowed to enter based on a set of rules identified by the network administrator.
Which the the complying with is the best device to deploy to defend your private network from a public untrusted network?GatewayHubFirewallRouter
FirewallA firewall is the best maker to deploy to defend your exclusive network from a windy untrusted network. Firewalls are used to manage traffic entering and leaving your trusted network environment. Firewalls can regulate traffic based on source or destination IP address, port number, service protocol, application or organization type, user account, and also even web traffic content.Routers sell some packet-based accessibility control, however not as comprehensive as the of a full-fledged firewall. Hubs and gateways room not adequate for managing the interface in between a trusted and an untrusted network.
To prevent hackers native accessing your network.Firewalls prevent unauthorized users from accessing private networks connected to the internet. You need to never allow public access to her DHCP server. A proxy server caches net pages. A NAT router or ICS translates web addresses to exclusive IP addresses. A proxy server and also NAT software could be enforced on the same maker as your firewall, but they are different concepts.

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You are the administrator of her company"s network. You want to prevent unauthorized accessibility to her intranet indigenous the Internet. I beg your pardon of the following should you implement?FirewallICSPacket internet GroperProxy server
FirewallA firewall enables you to filter unwanted traffic from the internet to your network. Packet web Groper is better known by its acronym, PING, a TCP/IP command. A proxy server caches internet pages. ICS enables you to attach a tiny network come the net through a single connection.
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