Which of the following accounts would certainly not appear in a closing journal entry?a. Interemainder Revenueb. Accumulated Depreciationc. Retained Earningsd. Salary Expense

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Which account is leastern likely to appear in an adjusting journal entry?a. cashb. interest receivablec. Income taxes Expensed. Earnings Payable
When a convent promotions firm collects cash for ticket sales 2 months in breakthrough of the show day, which of the complying with accounts is recorded?a. Accrued liabilityb. Accounts receivablec. Prephelp Expensed. Unearned Revenue
On december 31, an adjustment is made to minimize unearned revenue and also repot (earned) revenue. How many type of accounts will be consisted of in this adjusting journal entry?a. noneb. onec. twod. three
An Adjusting journal entry to identify accrued salaries payable would certainly reason which of the following?a. A decrease in assets and stockholder"s equity b. A decrease in assets and liabilitiesc. An rise in prices, liabilities, and stockholders" equity d. An increase in prices and liabilities and also a decrease in stockholders" equity
An adjusted trial balancea. Shows the finishing balances in a debit and also credit format before posting the adjusting journal entriesb. Is ready after lengthy entries have been postedc. Is a tool offered by financial analysts to testimonial the performance of publicly traded companiesd. Shows the ending balances resulting from the adjusting journal entires in a debit and crmodify format
d. Shows the ending balances resulting from the adjusting journal entires in a delittle bit and also credit format
firm A has actually owned a building for numerous years. Which of the complying with statements concerning depreciation is false from an accounting perspective?a. Depreciation Expense for the year will equal Accumulated depreciation b. Depreciation is an approximated expense to be videotaped each duration throughout the building"s life c. As depreciation is tape-recorded, stockholders" equity is reducedd. AS depreciation is recorde, complete assets are reduced
Which of the following trial balances is used as a source for preparing the revenue statement?a. Unadjusted trial balanceb. Pre-adjusted trial balance c. Adjusted trial balanced. Post-closing trial balance
Asume the balance in Prephelp Insurance is 2,500 however it should be 1,500. The adjusting journal entry have to incorporate which of the following?a. Debit to Prephelp Insurance for 1,000b. Credit to insurance Expense for 1,000c. Delittle bit to insurance Expense for 1,000d. Delittle bit to insurance Expense for 1,500
Assume a company receives a bill for 10,000 for proclaiming done during the current year. IF this bill is not yet tape-recorded at the finish of the yearn what will the adjusting journal entry include?a. Delittle bit to heralding expense of 10,000b. Credit to proclaiming expense of 10,000c. Delittle to accrued liabilities of 10,000d. Need more info
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Fundamentals of Corporate Finance11th EditionBradford D. Jordan, Randolph W. Westerarea, Stephen A. Ross

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