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Transcribed image text: 26. I beg your pardon of the complying with entries documents the payment of an account payable? a. Debit Cash; credit transaction Accounts Payable b. Debit account Receivable; credit transaction Cash c. Debit Cash; credit transaction Supplies cost d. Debit accounts Payable; credit transaction Cash which of the following entries records the payment of dividends in cash come Sue Martin. A. Debit common Stockl; credit Cash b. Debit Dividends; credit transaction Cash c. Debit salaries Expense; credit transaction Cash d. Debit earnings Expense; credit salaries Payable 27. 28.Cash to be paid by Ari's Alarm company to creditor on account. I beg your pardon of the adhering to entries because that Ari's Alarm business records this transaction? a. Cash, debit; common Stockl, credit transaction b. Account Payable, debit; Cash, credit c. Accounts Receivable, debit; Cash, credit transaction d. Account Payable, debit; Account Receivable, credit transaction 29. I m sorry of the adhering to entries documents the acquisition of office offers account? a. Office Supplies, debit; Cash, credit b. Cash, debit; Office Supplies, credit c. Office Supplies, debit; account Payable, credit d. Account Receivable, debit; Office Supplies, credit transaction 30. Which of the complying with entries documents the payment the rent for the current month? a. Cash, debit; rent Expense, credit transaction b. Rent Expense, debit; Cash, credit c. Rental Expense, debit; accounts Receivable, credit transaction d. Accounts Payable, debit; rent Expense, credit 31. I beg your pardon of the adhering to entries records the arsenal of cash from cash customers? a. Fees Earned, debit; Cash, credit transaction b. Fees Earned, debit; accounts Receivable, credit c. Cash, debit; Fees Earned, credit d. Accounts Receivable, debit; Fees Earned, credit transaction 32. Prarie Clinic purchased X-ray equipment for $4,000, paid $1,275 down, v the remainder to be payment later. The exactly entry would certainly be a. Equipment 1,275 1,275 Cash 1,275 accounts Payable 2,725 b. Cash 4,000 devices 4,000 c. Equipment cost Accounts Payable Cash 1,275 2,725 4,000 d. Tools Accounts Payable 2,725 Cash 1,275 33. I beg your pardon of the following is not considered to it is in a liability? a. Earnings Payable b. Account Receivable c. Unearned earnings d. Account Payable 34. Joshua Scott invests S65,000 right into his brand-new business in exchange for common 65,000 stock. Exactly how would the newspaper entry because that this transaction be entered in the journal? a. Cash common Stock Sold usual Stock 65,000 b. Cash 65,000 usual Stock Sold typical StockInvested cash in service 65,000 c. Typical Stock Cash 65,000 Sold typical Stock 65,000 d. Common Stock 65,000 Cash Sold typical Stock 35. I beg your pardon of the adhering to group of account are raised with a debit? a. Assets, liabilities, owner's same b. Assets, drawing, costs c.

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Assets, revenues, expenses d. Assets, liabilities, profits