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Q1. Prize is price of incomes of assembly workers. Q2. Answer is c. $180,000 Explanation: Sales revenue 10,00,000 Less: Variable price
40% 4,00,000 donation 6,00,000 Less: Fixed expense 4,20,000 Operating earnings 1,80,000 Q3. Price is b. $63,300 Expla…View the full answer

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Transcribed photo text: i beg your pardon of the following is an instance of direct labor expense for a mobile manufacturer? cost of phone materials salary of plant supervisor cost of oil lubricants for factory machinery cost of wages of assembly worker A firm operated at 90% of capacity for the past year, throughout which fixed prices were $420,000, variable prices were 40% the sales, and also sales to be $1,000,000. Operation profit was a. $1,080,000 b. $420,000 c. $180,000 d. $980,000 Selected accounts with some amounts omitted room as complies with Goods perfect Oct. 1 31 31 31 Balance direct materials straight labor manufacturing facility overhead work in process 20,000 Oct. 31 96,700 201,000 Oct. 1 31 Balance items finished Finished items 52,000 360,000 If the balance of occupational in procedure at October 31 is $21,000, what to be the lot of manufacturing facility overhead used in October? a. $42,300 b. $63,300 c. $21,300 d. $11,300 room G had actually 3,600 units 25% perfect at the beginning of the period, 11,000 systems were completed throughout the period; 3,000 units were 20% completed at the finish of the period, and also the adhering to manufacturing prices debited come the departmental occupational in procedure account throughout the period: $40,000 occupational in process, start of period Costs included during period: straight materials (10,400 systems at $8) direct labor manufacturing facility overhead 83,200 63,000 25,000 All direct materials are put in procedure at the beginning of production and the first-in, first-out method of list costing is used. What is the total cost the the departmental occupational in procedure inventory in ~ the finish of the period (round unit price calculations to 4 decimal places)? a. $28,935 b. $21,432 c. $35,670 d. $16,163 offered the following expense and activity observations for Bounty Company's utilities, use the high-low method to calculate Bounty' change utilities prices per device hour. Round your answer come the nearest cent. Expense March April may June an equipment Hours 15.000 10.000 12.000 18,000 $3,100 2.700 .900 3.600 T 2 a $10.00 b. $0.11 c. $0.67 d. $0.63