The vast bulk of adults in the unified States acquire at least some news online (via smartphone, computer or tablet), and also the online space has come to be a hold for the digital houses of both heritage news outlets and also new, “born top top the web” news outlets.* Digital heralding revenue across all digital entities (beyond just news) proceeds to grow, with technology companies playing a huge role in the flow of both news and also revenue. Explore the patterns and longitudinal data around digital news below.

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Digital advertising continues to thrive as a ratio of full advertising revenue, a trend thrust in huge part by expansion in heralding on mobile devices. The estimates below are for every digital heralding revenue, not simply for news outlets, and thus are an indicator the the basic direction that the financial health of the digital realm fairly than the digital news sector specifically.

In 2020, follow to eMarketer estimates, digital advertising prospered to $152 billion, rise from $132 billion in 2019 and also $111 billion in 2018. It was estimated to comprise 63% of all heralding revenue, increase from 55% in 2019 and 49% in 2018.

Digital and non-digital proclaiming revenue

YearNondigital advertisingDigital advertising

Pew research study Center

Mobile heralding revenue additionally continued to grow rapidly in 2020, boosting from $87.3 exchange rate in 2019 to $102.6 billion. Between 2011 and also 2020, mobile heralding revenue increased around sixtyfold, indigenous $1.7 exchange rate in 2011 come $102.6 billion in 2020. Desktop advertising revenue boosted from $30.3 exchange rate to $40.6 billion end the same time period. In 2020, mobile heralding revenue made up two-thirds that digital declaring revenue on cell phone and desktop computer devices, up from 5% in 2011.

Digital declaring revenue on desktop and mobile

YearDesktop digital advertisingMobile digital advertising

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Looking much more specifically at digital screen ads, which incorporate banners, videos and also other advertisements the news organizations and also other websites generally run alongside your content, revenue ongoing to rise for most styles in 2020. The increase was driven mainly by growth in mobile display ad revenue (desktop display contains advertising on desktop computer and laptop computers and other nonmobile internet-connected devices).

Video ads to be the largest segment that this market in 2020 at $41.4 billion, cultivation 30% from the vault year. Banner ads likewise showed double-digit growth, rising 14% end 2019 to $35 billion in 2020.

Digital screen advertising revenue by machine type
YearDesktop display advertisingMobile display advertising

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Banner ads22,270,670,00026,583,740,00030,830,100,00035,081,550,000
Sponsorship ads2,184,880,0002,524,900,0002,839,380,0002,782,600,000
Video ads16,310,250,00023,504,760,00031,858,630,00041,440,150,000
Rich media other4,402,490,0005,053,690,0005,476,710,0005,878,300,000

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Digital display screen advertising revenue ongoing to be overcame by just a couple of companies in 2020. Facebook made up 45% of this declaring segment, according to eMarketer estimates. Google accounted because that 10% of this segment, while no other company controlled much more than 5% the this market. (In 2017, Verizon purchased Yahoo and also created a new subsidiary referred to as Oath that integrated Yahoo, AOL and also Verizon’s various other digital entities. In 2019, Oath to be renamed the Verizon Media Group. And also in 2021, after this data was collected, Verizon marketed Yahoo come Apollo global Management.)

In the mobile sector, on facebook captured more than fifty percent (60%) of mobile digital display screen advertising revenue, according to eMarketer estimates. No other firm controlled much more than 10% the the cell phone market.

Digital screen advertising revenue by company

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Pew research study Center


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This fact sheet was compiled by senior Computational social Scientist Galen Stocking and Maya Khuzam, that was a study Assistant in ~ Pew Research center from 2019-2021.

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Pew Research center is a subsidiary the The Pew charitable Trusts, its primary funder. This is the recent report in Pew research study Center’s ongoing examination of the state the news, information and also journalism in the digital age, a research routine funded by The Pew charitable Trusts, with generous assistance from the john S. And James L. Items Foundation.

* keep in mind (November 2019): We have actually removed a formerly posted data suggest from this sentence since of methodological concerns about measuring complete online news usage using an digital panel. A brand-new data point for online news usage is available in this blog post.

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