40.Which that the complying with represents the exactly order in i beg your pardon inventories space reported ~ above a manufacturer’s balance sheet?a.Raw materials, job-related in process, perfect goodsb.Work in process, finished goods raw materialsc.Finished goods, work in process, raw materialsd.Work in process, raw materials, perfect goods

45.In which category would the earnings of a factory payroll clerk be classified?a.Raw materialsb.Indirect labourc.Period costd.Direct labour

47.What criteria must be met in stimulate to take into consideration the job-related of manufacturing facility employees to be straight labour?a.It must be promptly associated with convert materials right into products.b.It must be physically associated with convert materials right into products.c.It should be materially connected with converting materials into products.d.It must be periodically connected with converting materials right into products.

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50.Which among the following is not another name for the term, production overhead?a.Period costsb.Factory overheadc.Indirect production costsd.Burden

54.Zirk, Inc. Incurred price of products manufactured totalling $700,000, manufacturing overhead of $320,000, and also direct materials totalling $40,000. How much is the quantity of straight labour?a.Cannot be established from the details provided.b.$340,000c.$660,000d.$700,000

60.What must take place for inventoriable prices to come to be expenses under the equivalent principle?a.The product should be completed and also ready come sell.b.The product must be sold.c.All of the costs associated with manufacturing a product need to be incurred.d.The product must have actually incurred labour.

62.Where would you expect to discover depreciation on factory equipment?a.Included with Depreciation price on the income statementb.In the manufacturing overhead ar of the prices of products manufactured schedulec.Only top top the revenue statement as part of price of goods soldd.As a period cost in the operating cost section that the income statement

72.A company loses it opening financial records in a fire. During the adhering to year, it incurred costs of production of $250,000 and sold $300,000 in merchandise. It took an list count and also found the it had $100,000 in product ~ above hand. What must the company’s opened inventory show before the fire?a.$50,000b.$100,000c.$150,000d.Cannot be determined from the over information

73.Salaries of sales world who only sell one product should best be presented as:a.Fixed overhead.b.Variable overhead.c.Direct offering costs.d.Indirect marketing costs.

77.Examples the fixed expenses include all but one of the followinga.Cost of factory rent because that the 12 month contract termb.Cost that Janet’s apartment rent throughout her third year that universityc.Cost that a vehicle rental which has a fee per km drivend.A one-week rental of a carpet cleaning machine

78.Variable costsa.vary in total as task varies.b.vary on a every unit basis as task varies.c.are unpredictable.d.None the the above.

81.Indirect labour is a:a.Direct, variable, product cost.b.Direct, variable, duration cost.c.Indirect, variable, product cost.d.Indirect, addressed or variable, product cost.

83.Manufacturing overhead is aa.Direct, variable, product cost.b.Direct, variable duration costs.c.Indirect, variable, product cost.d.Indirect, addressed or variable product cost

88.Where there is a linear relationship in between two variablesa.The adjust in the dependency variable returns a predictable, continuous change in the live independence variable.b.The change in the live independence variable yields a predictable, continuous change in the dependent variable.c.There is seldom a direct relationship in between two variables.d.A adjust in the “Y” variable returns a predictable, consistent change in the “X” variable.

91.A curvilinear relationship in between variable costs and also changes in activity levels says what?a.A strictly straight relationship between fixed expenses and activity levels is implausible.b.A strict curvilinear relationship in between changes in task levels and variable costs is feasible only within the pertinent range.c.Since the relationship between activity levels and also variable prices is straight within the relevant variety and less linear at reduced and greater levels exterior the relevant range, the straight-line (linear) partnership takes ~ above a curvature in the real world.d.None the the above.

93.Mixed costsa.Change in ratio to changes in activity level.b.Change in full in solution to changes in task level.c.Change proportionately and in full as a result of transforms in activity level.d.None the these.

96.Critical entry in making use of the high-low method include all of the complying with except:a.Actual task levels (production levels) for an operation period.b.Actual mixed expenses (total costs) equivalent to the various activity levels.c.A calculator.d.An theory for the slope.

103 The main difference in between variable and fixed costs is:a.Variable expenses can be managed by management, when fixed prices are not.b.Variable costs change in little amounts if fixed prices never change.c.Total variable prices are variable in the relevant range and fixed in the lengthy term, if fixed expenses never change.d.Variable prices per unit are addressed in the relevant selection and fixed expenses per unit are variable.

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104.In durations of greater than normal activity for a production company:a.Variable costs will decrease but fixed expenses will continue to be unchanged.b.Variable costs will increase and also fixed prices will decline.c.Variable expenses per unit may rise while fixed expenses per unit may decline.d.Variable prices per unit may increase and also fixed expenses per unit may increase.