Which that the complying with is not among the factors that have the right to increase wage rigidity in the labor​ market?
Sometimes brand-new technology in manufacturing reduces the time that a worker takes to complete a task. Technological innovations can also completely replace a manufacturing facility worker. Walk this typical that technological progress will lead to​ large unemployment?
No, part sectors might experience unemployment as a result of the advancements but overall productivity and incomes will​ increase, top to much more employment opportunities.

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When wages​ increase, the opportunity price of not working​ increases, leading people to seek more work hours.
Which the the complying with is not one of the factors that deserve to increase wage rigidity in the labor​ market?
it takes time because that applicants come prepare a resume and also line increase references.,firms and workers have imperfect information around the state the the economy., the takes time to uncover what work are accessible in a specific field.
The worker used for a high - paying jobs that the is no qualified for, but has now started applying for are sluggish to set up interviews and make decisions.
The worker invested a the majority of time composing his resume and searching because that jobs, yet the work that be is applying for are slow-moving to collection up interviews and make decisions.
The worker is a new college graduate and also cannot find a task that ideal matches his skill, for this reason he is slowly expanding his find efforts.

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The worker passed on plenty of job provides that did not seem interesting enough for the in the hopes of finding the perfect job.