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First question (Part B): The answer will certainly be primers are short sequences that allow the initiation of DNA synthesis (First option). Explanation: Each nucleotide provides a 3' hydroxyl group for the following reactivity to occur. So, we have the right to neglect second opti…View the full answer

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Transcribed image text: Part B Which of the adhering to statements around DNA synthesis is true? View Available Hint(s) O Primers are short sequences that enable the initiation of DNA synthesis. As DNA polymerase moves alengthy the theme strand, each new nucleotide provides a 5' hydroxyl group for the next reactivity to occur O DNA polymerase adds dNTP monomers in the 3' to 5' direction. O Nucleotides are added in a random fashion to single-stranded DNA.. Submit Part E Which of the complying with statements about Okazaki pieces in E. coli is true? View Available Hint(s) O They are synthesized in the 3' to 5' direction. O They are developed on the lagging strand of DNA. O They are commonly 50 to 500 bases lengthy O They are sealed together by the action of helicase. Submit Part G True or false? Single-stranded DNA molecules are shelp to be antiparallel as soon as they are lined up next to each various other however oriented in opposite directions. View Available Hint(s) True O False Submit Part D Why is the brand-new DNA strand also complementary to the 3' to 5' strands assembled in short segments? DNA polymerase deserve to assemble DNA only in the 5' to 3' direction O it is more reliable than assembling complete brand-new strands the replication forks block the development of longer strands Ojust short DNA sequences can extfinish off the RNA primers ODNA polymerase can assemble DNA just in the 3' to 5' direction Research Answer Submit Part E for the assembly of a new DNA strand also. An old DNA strand also is provided as a Osource of nucleotides enhance design O primer O design template Part B After DNA replication is completed, O tbelow are 4 double helices O each brand-new DNA double helix is composed of 2 brand-new strands O each of the 4 DNA strands is composed of some old strand also parts and also some new strand also parts O each brand-new DNA double helix consists of one old DNA strand also and one brand-new DNA strand also O one DNA double helix consists of two old strands and one DNA double helix consists of 2 new strands Repursuit Answer Submit Part C The activity of heliinstance creates O replication forks and replication bubbles O DNA fragments and replication bubbles O primers and also replication bubbles primers and also DNA fragments O DNA fragments and also replication forks