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A process by which two parties effort to reach covenant on an worry by offering and also reviewing assorted positions or courses of activity is known as ________ .

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a. Negotiation

b. Motivation

c. Decision making

d. Satisficing

In one organization, the finance department had actually a dispute with the human resources department once the HR team failed come submit some important papers to the finance team top top time because that documentation. This scenario is an example of a(n) ________ conflict.

a. Intergroup

b. Personal

c. Interpersonal

d. Affective

Social identity theory proposes that:

a. Group members of one in-group will seek to find negative aspects of an out-group to improve their self-image.

b. Limited resources will result in conflict in between groups.

c. Individuals have multiple demands that should be fulfilled in a certain hierarchical order come ensure the greatest level that satisfaction.

d. Human being will compare their scenarios with those of comparable others and also that this actions motivates lock to seek fairness.

a. Team members of one in-group will look for to find negative aspects of an out-group to improve their self-image.

Maria and also Kim are working with each other on critical project. Maria works difficult to finish the project before deadline and also pays more attention to the task. However, Kim wastes a most time and also often comes up with lame excuses. Therefore, Maria has actually a problem with Kim. This script is an instance of a(n) ________ conflict.

a. Affective

b. Role

c. Cognitive

d. Intergroup

Which the the complying with statements around affective conflicts is true?

a. Affective conflicts tend to have a positive influence on the team.

b. In affective conflict situations, the focus is on the job at hand.

c. Success-driven people do not usually engage in affective conflicts.

d. Affective dispute is likewise known as personal conflict.

Extreme agreement during a decision-making procedure is well-known as ________ .

a. Synergy

b. Social loafing

c. Satisficing

d. Groupthink

Which of the complying with is most most likely to happen when individuals who are in dispute perceive a usual enemy?

a. Groupthink

b. Social loafing

c. De-escalation

d. Satisficing

Which of the following responses to dispute is most appropriate when the issue is trivial?

a. Collaborating

b. Forcing

c. Avoidance

d. Compromising

As a an answer to conflict, compromising involves:

a. Preventing conflict because disagreements are perceived to develop tension.

b. Reaching an covenant quickly because prolonged conflicts deserve to distract civilization from their work and cause bitter feelings.

c. Trying not to upset the other person because maintaining a harmonious connection is a height priority.

d. Fixing a difficulty together since the positions of both individuals associated are regarded as same important.

b. Reaching an covenant quickly because prolonged conflicts deserve to distract human being from their work and cause bitterness feelings.

Which the the following is the an initial step associated in diagnosing disagreement?

a. Determining whether both parties had accessibility to the very same information

b. Identifying the factors that may underlie the disagreement

c. Identify the nature of the difference among the human being involved

d. Identify the degree to which the disagreement has evolved

________ negotiation that actively seek alternative solutions that accomplish both parties.

a. Single-issue

b. Distributive

c. Positional

d. Integrative

Which of the complying with is the last step in an efficient negotiation process?

a. Assessing one"s best different to a negotiated agreement

b. Evaluating the region of feasible agreement

c. Calculating the other party"s preventive value

d. Identifying the various other party"s many interests

Which of the adhering to statements about negotiating across cultures is true?

a. World in high-context cultures prefer to communicate directly.

b. In low-context cultures, info is clearly and meaning is clear.

c. Collectivist societies place individuals" needs above the needs of the group.

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d. World in egalitarian societies are much less comfortable with confrontation.

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