If you define a column as an identity column,1. you have to also specify the column through a default value2. you need to administer a distinct numeric worth for that column whenever a row is included to the table3. a number is created for that column whenever before a row is included to the table4. you can not use the column as a primary essential column
Select- insert, upday, and delete statements are described as activity queries because they percreate an action. Select statements are described as queries because they ssuggest query the database.

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If you define a column through a default worth, that worth is supplied whenever before a row1. that does not incorporate a worth for that column is added to the table2. is added to the table3. in the table is updated4. with a zero worth for that column is included to the table
That doesn"t include a value for that column is added to the table.- You can asauthorize a default value to each column. Then, that worth is assigned to the column if an additional worth is not provided as soon as a row is added to the table.
Create TableCreate Table is a a data definition language.insert, pick, upday, and also delete are all data manipulation language.
The ________________________________________ is a graphical user interconfront for working through the objects in a SQL Server database.
Within the Management Studio, you deserve to develop a SQL statement without having to compose your very own code by using the ____________________________________.

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A database __________________ is a schematic illustration that reflects you the relationships in between the tables you"re working via.
If you want to use the Management Studio to modify the data for a table, you can right-click on the table and also pick the1. Edit Top 200 Rows command2. Select Top 1000 Rows command3. View Top 100 Rows command4. Design command
When you usage Windows authentication to attach to a database, SQL Server1. requires that you use a unique login name and also password for your authorization2. lets you access the database without authorization as lengthy as you"re logged on to Windows3. uses both Windows and also SQL Server login names and also passwords for authorization4. provides the login name and password that you use for your COMPUTER to authorize your connection
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