Which the the adhering to is one of the materials of expense accounting? A. It entails the determination of agency profits.B. It calls for GAAP to be applied.C. It entails measuring product costs. D. That requires cost minimizing principles.

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The two simple types the cost accountancy systems room a. Project order and procedure cost systems. B. Process cost and also batch systems. C. Task order and also batch systems. D. Task order and job buildup systems.
Which of the complying with would be accounting for utilizing a project order cost system?a. The refining of petroleum. B. The production of automobiles. C. The building and construction of a new campus building. D. The manufacturing of personal computers.
Process costing is not used when a. Work have separating characteristics. B. A collection of connected manufacturing processes is necessary. C. Similar goods are being produced. D. Big volumes are produced.
In a job order cost accounting system, the Raw products Inventory account isa. An expense.b. No used.c. A duration cost.d. A control account.
The two significant steps in the circulation of costs area. Allocating and assigning.b. Accumulating and also assigning.c. Accumulating and also amortizing.d. Acquiring and also accumulating.
Records of individual items the raw materials would no be maintaineda. On stores ledger cards.b. Electronically.c. Manually.d. In the Raw products Inventory account
Which of the complying with is not consisted of in factory labor costs? a. Pistol earnings. B. Fringe benefits.c. Employee payroll taxes.d. Net earnings.
Which the the adhering to is no a regulate account? a. Account Receivable b. Factory Laborc. Raw materials Inventory.d. Production Overhead.
Factory labor prices a. Are based upon workers" network pay.b. Are accumulated in a manage accountc. Include vacation pay.d. Perform not encompass pension costs.

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Job cost sheets constitute the subsidiary ledger for thea. Cost of items Sold account.b. Work-related In process Inventory account.c. Cost of items Manufactured accountd. Finished items Inventory account.



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