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1. I beg your pardon of the following would it is in MOST efficient in a small owner/manager-operated business?

a. Profit centers

b. Centralization

c. Investment centers

d. Price centers

2. Businesses that space separated right into two or more manageable systems in i beg your pardon managers have authority and also responsibility because that operations are claimed to it is in

a. Centralized.

b. Consolidated.

c. Diversified.

d. Decentralized.

3. I m sorry of the adhering to is not a disadvantage of decentralized operation?

a. Competition amongst managers decreases revenues

b. Duplication of operations

c. Price cutting by departments the are contending in the exact same product market

d. Top administration freed from everyday tasks to perform strategic plan

4. In huge businesses, decentralization is frequently advantageous because

a. It permits top administration to do all decisions, hence ensuring that as whole operational purposes are met.

b. It prevents decisions indigenous one unit come negatively affect the profitability of the entire company.

c. It permits departmental managers to focus on getting expertise in their areas of responsibility.

d. All of these are advantages of decentralization.

5. In a expense center, the manager has responsibility and authority for making decision that influence

a. Revenues.

b. Assets.

c. Costs.

d. Both costs and revenues.

6. For higher levels that management, responsibility accounting reports

a. Are more detailed 보다 for lower levels of management.

b. Are an ext summarized 보다 for reduced levels that management.

c. Contain about the very same level of detail as reports for reduced levels the management.

d. Room rarely listed or reviewed.

7. A responsibility facility in i beg your pardon the room manager has actually responsibility for and authority over costs and also revenues is called a(n)

a. Profit center.

b. Investment center.

c. Volume center.

d. Price center.

8. In a benefit center, the department manager has actually responsibility for and the government to make decisions that influence

a. Not only costs and revenues, but also assets invested in the center.

b. The assets invested in the center, however not costs and revenues.

c. Both costs and also revenues for the room or division.

d. Costs and assets invested in the center, yet not revenues.

9. Responsibility audit reports because that a profit center typically present

a. Revenues, expenses, and also profit controlled by the manager the the center.

b. Only the controllable revenues.

c. Revenues, expenses, profit, and investment in assets controlled by the manager the the center.

d. Every revenues and also expenses of the profit center.

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10. I m sorry of the following prices incurred by the sporting products department of a department save is a straight expense?