Bentels Co. Desires a December 31 ending inventory that 3,000 units. Budgeted sales for December room 5,000 units. The November 30 inventory to be 2,000 units. Budgeted purchase are:

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A company"s background indicates that 20% of its sales are for cash and also the remainder are top top credit. Collection on credit sales space 30% in the month the the sale, 50% in the following month, and also 15% the complying with month. Projected sales for January, February, and also March space $70,000, $80,000 and also $90,000, respectively. The March meant cash receipts from all current and prior credit transaction sales is:
Hammer Time agency sells hammers the it purchases in ~ a price of $5. Hammer Time sells the hammers for $15. Last year, it marketed 12,000 hammers. The agency estimates the it deserve to sell 5,000 more hammers 보다 last year if it decreases the offering price come $10 per hammer. What is the budgeted sales revenue if Hammer Time implements the to decrease in marketing price?
Which spending plan lists dollar quantities to it is in both received from tree asset disposals and spent to purchase extr plant legacy to carry out the budgeted organization activities?
A setup that reports the systems of merchandise come be produced by a Manufacturing firm during the budget. Is called a
A hardware store has actually budgeted sales of $36,000 because that its power tool department in July. Administration wants to have actually $7,000 in power tools inventory in ~ the finish of July It"s beginning inventory of power tools is expect to it is in $6,000 what is the budgeted dollar quantity of goods purchases.
A arrangement that shows the expected cash inflows and also cash outflows during the spending plan period, including receipts native loans required to maintain A minimum cash balance and also repayments of loans is called
Zhang sectors is prepare a cash spending plan for June. The agency has $25,000 cash at the start of June and also anticipates $95,000 in cash receipts and $111,290 in cash disbursements throughout June. The company has no loans exceptional on June 1. Compute the lot the firm must borrow, if any, to maintain a $20,000 cash balance.
The exercise of preparing budgets because that each of several future periods and also revising those budgets together each duration is completed, adding a brand-new budget each period so that the budgets constantly cover the same number of future periods, is called:

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