Which 2 sets of join keywords create a join that will encompass unmatched rows from the first table stated in the choose statement? LEFT outer JOIN and also FULL OUTER sign up with (*)
What species of joins will certainly return the unequaled values from both tables in the join? full outer joins (*)You need to sign up with the EMPLOYEE_HIST and also EMPLOYEES tables. The EMPLOYEE_HIST table will be the very first table in the native clause. Every the matched and also unmatched rows in the employees table must be displayed. Which form of join will girlfriend use? A appropriate outer sign up with (*)EMPLOYEES Table:NameNull?Type
DEPARTMENTS Table: NameNull?Type
A query is required to display screen each department and its manager name from the over tables. However, not all departments have a manager yet we want departments went back in all cases. Which of the adhering to SQL: 1999 syntax scripts will attain the task? select d.department_id, e.first_name, e.last_nameFROM employees e ideal OUTER sign up with departments d ~ above (e.employee_id = d.manager_id);(*)Hierarchical queries deserve to walk both Top-Down and also Bottom-Up. True or False? True (*)Which pick statement implements a me join? pick p.part_id, t.product_idFROM part p, component t whereby p.part_id = t.product_id;(*)Which that the adhering to database architecture concepts is enforced with a me join? Recursive partnership (*)Which select statement will return the last name and hire date of an employee and his/ she manager because that employees that started in the company before their managers?SELECT w.last_name, w.hire_date, m.last_name, m.hire_date FROM employee w , employees m where w.manager_id = m.employee_id and w.hire_date (*)Which statement around a self join is true?Table aliases have to be offered to qualify table names. (*)A organic JOIN is based on: Columns through the very same name and also datatype (*)You require to sign up with all the rows in the employees table to all the rows in the EMP_REFERENCE table. Which form of join should friend create? A cross sign up with (*)The join column should be included in the select statement when you usage the organic JOIN clause. True or False? False (*)Below find the frameworks of the PRODUCTS and also VENDORS tables:PRODUCTSPRODUCT_ID NUMBERPRODUCT_NAME VARCHAR2 (25)VENDOR_ID NUMBERCATEGORY_ID NUMBERVENDORSVENDOR_ID NUMBERVENDOR_NAME VARCHAR2 (25)ADDRESS VARCHAR2 (30)CITY VARCHAR2 (25)REGION VARCHAR2 (10)POSTAL_CODE VARCHAR2 (11)You desire to produce a query that will certainly return one alphabetical perform of products, consisting of the product name and associated vendor name, because that all products that have a vendor assigned.Which 2 queries can you use?(Choose all correct answers)SELECT p.product_name, v.vendor_name FROM products p organic JOIN sellers v bespeak BY p.product_name;(*)You can do nonequi-joins through ANSI-Syntax.

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True or False? True (*)You developed the CUSTOMERS and ORDERS tables by issuing these produce TABLE statements in sequence:CREATE TABLE client (custid varchar2(5), companyname varchar2(30), contactname varchar2(30), deal with varchar2(30),city varchar2(20), state varchar2(30), call varchar2(20), constraint pk_customers_01 primary key (custid));CREATE TABLE assignment (orderid varchar2(5) constraint pk_orders_01 major key, orderdate date, full number(15), custid varchar2(5) referrals customers (custid));You have been instructed come compile a report to existing the information about orders inserted by customers who reside in Nashville. I beg your pardon query have to you concern to accomplish the preferred results?SELECT orderid, orderdate, complete FROM order o sign up with customers c top top o.custid = c.custid wherein city = "Nashville";(*)