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"Who carry out You Love?" is a track written through American rock and also roll pioneer Bo Diddley. Taped in 1956, it is one of his many popular and enduring works. The tune represents among Bo Diddley"s the strongest lyrical efforts and uses a mix of hoodoo-type imagery and also boasting. The is an upbeat rocker, but the initial did not usage the signature Bo Diddley win rhythm. "Who execute You Love?" was component of Bo Diddley"s arsenal throughout his career, however none that his various recordings got to the document charts. The song has been interpreted and recorded by many musicians in different styles, often including a Bo Diddley beat. Well-known renditions incorporate those by Ronnie Hawkins and George Thorogood, through charting singles by the Woolies, Tom Rush, Quicksilver Messenger Service, and also Juicy Lucy. Guitarists" contributions to the assorted renditions that the song have been detailed by music critics and also writers. Beginning with blues guitarist Jody Williams" influential fills and solo ~ above Bo Diddley"s original recording, the guitar job-related by Robbie Robertson (Hawkins), john Cipollina (Quicksilver), glenn Ross Campbell (Juicy Lucy), and also Thorogood on later adaptations has actually been also acknowledged.more »

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I to walk forty-seven mile of barbed wireI use a cobra snake for a necktieI obtained a brand brand-new house top top the roadsideMade indigenous rattlesnake hideI got a brand brand-new chimney make on topMade the end of a person skullNow come on take it a walk v me, ArleneAnd tell me, who carry out you love?Who execute you love?Who perform you love?Who execute you love?Who execute you love?Who perform you love?Tombstone hand and also a graveyard mindJust twenty-two and also I don"t psychic dyingWho perform you love?Who perform you love?Who perform you love?Who execute you love?I speak a lion come town, offered a rattlesnake whipTake it easy Arlene, don"t offer me no lipWho execute you love?Who execute you love?Who perform you love?Who do you love?Night to be dark, but the sky was blueDown the alley, the ice-wagon flewHeard a bump, and also somebody screamedYou should have actually heard just what i seenWho do you love?Who perform you love?Who do you love?Who perform you love?Arlene took me by my handAnd she said ooo-wee, Bo, you understand I understandWho execute you love?Who do you love?Who execute you love?Who do you love?

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Bo Diddley Ellas Otha Bates (December 30, 1928 – June 2, 2008), recognized by his phase name Bo Diddley, to be an American rhythm and blues vocalist, guitarist, songwriter (usually together Ellas McDaniel), and rock and also roll pioneer. That was likewise known as The Originator because of his crucial role in the shift from the blues to rock, influencing a organize of acts, including Buddy Holly, Jimi Hendrix, The rojo Stones, The Velvet Underground, The Who, The Yardbirds, Eric Clapton,Elvis Presley,The Beatles, and also George Michael, among others.

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He introduced much more insistent, steering rhythms and also a hard-edged electrical guitar sound ~ above a wide-ranging catalog of songs, in addition to African rhythms and also a signature to win (a simple, five-accent rhythm) that stays a cornerstone the rock and pop. Accord… much more »