For some people, the mental image is Jimmy Stewart sprinting with the city of Bedford drops at the end of It"s a wonderful Life, or Bing crosby crooning the title tune in White Christmas.

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For others, it"s "the quiet majesty that a winter"s morn...the clean, cool cool of the holiday air...and a (blankety-blank) in his bathrobe, emptying a chemical toilet into the sewer."

If you autumn into the latter category, opportunities are you"ve already watched Christmas Vacation at least once already.

The 3rd installment in the hilarious saga of the Griswold family tells the story of Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) and his ill-fated attempt to obtain his entire clan with each other for "an old-fashioned household Christmas."

Predictably, the effort does no go well.

Hard together it can be to believe, the film turns 25 this year. That"s a lot of younger 보다 It"s a exorbitant Life or White Christmas, yet some human being consider that to be a an important component ~ above their perform of vacation must-sees.

In respect of its quarter-century milestone, here are 25 facts You can Not Know about Christmas Vacation:

1. The Griswolds re-publishing the same address as Danny Glover"s family members from the Lethal Weapon movies.

Christmas Vacation to be shot top top the back lot in ~ Warner Bros. Studios, where the Murtaugh household lived in the Mel Gibson action movie series. Friend might additionally recognize the neighborhood from movies like Pleasantville and Bewitched and also TV series like The MiddleEight is Enough and The Partridge Family.

2. Christmas Vacation to be the critical film duty for actress Mae Questel, who played Aunt Bethany. Questel"s film career started in 1930, as soon as she noted the voice because that Betty Boop.

3. The role of Clark Griswold"s son, Rusty, was played through Johnny Galecki, who was the third actor to play that function in the movie (you know him currently as "Leonard" in the struggle TV series The large Bang Theory).

In the first film, National Lampoon"s Vacation (1983), Rusty was played by Anthony Michael Hall. Jason lively took end the function for the sequel, National Lampoon"s europe Vacation in 1985.

4. The Griswold"s daughter, Audrey, was shown by Juliette Lewis in Christmas Vacation. She was also the 3rd actress to play the role. Dana Barron played she in the very first Vacation film, if Dana Hill take it over for European Vacation.


5. Chevy chase (Clark Griswold) and Beverly D"Angelo (Ellen Griswold) are the just actors to appear in the first three vacation films. They additionally appear in the 4th film in the series, Vegas Vacation (1997).

6. Beverly D"Angelo starred with Juliette Lewis" father, Geoffery, in the 1978 Clint Eastwood film Every Which method But Loose.


7. We never actually check out the Griswolds top top Christmas day in Christmas Vacation. The film"s climactic step occurs ~ above Christmas Eve.


8. Randy Quaid based his iconic "Cousin Eddie" personality on a guy he in reality knew.


Quaid said he to be acquainted through someone that portrayed countless of Eddie"s charming traits while growing up in Texas.

9. Clark Griswold attract the exact same Chicago bears baseball cap in all four Vacation movies.

10. Over there are several nods to the initial 1983 holidays movie in Christmas Vacation.

In one scene, Clark and also Eddie are seen drinking eggnog out of Wally people mugs. Wally civilization was the Griswolds" location in the an initial movie. 

11. Christmas holidays is based on a short story, "Christmas "59," written by john Hughes. It to be the second Vacation story to be released in national Lampoon Magazine. The first, "Vacation "58," was the basis for the an initial film.


12. Ruby Sue, the Griswolds" lover niece, to be played through Ellen Hamilton Latzen. She was fitted for a wig come wear throughout the movie, due to the fact that producers didn"t think she short, pixie hairstyle fit her character.

13. Ruby Sue"s brother, Rocky (the one through "the lip fungus us ain"t figured out yet," according to Cousin Eddie), walk not have a single line in the film.


14. The scene where Aunt Bethany"s cat is electrocuted after biting the Christmas lamp was nearly cut indigenous the film after studio execs were concerned it could offend some viewers. 

Producer Matty Simmons dealt with to store the step in. ~ the film was test-screened, the audience voted the scene together their favorite.

15. Over there are 4 alumni from Saturday Night Live in Christmas Vacation: Chevy Chase, Randy Quaid, Brian Doyle-Murray (who played Clark"s boss, frank Shirley) and also Julia Louis-Dreyfus (who play the Griswolds" obnoxious neighbor, Margot).


16. Wilhelm Hickey, who depicted the cigar-smoking Uncle Lewis, is finest known for his duty as a mafia don in Prizzi"s Honor. He additionally voiced the foolish scientist in the Tim Burton animated standard The Nightmare before Christmas.


17. Nicholas Guest, that played one of the Griswolds" annoying next-door neighbors (along through Julia Louis-Dreyfus), went on to have actually a successful career together a voice actor. He"s showed up in numerous video clip games and the wildly well-known animated movies Tangled and also Frozen.


18. Nicollette Scorsese had a tiny but memorable duty as a lingerie salesperson who Clark encounters while Christmas shopping. 

The model-turned-actress is no relationship to famed director boy name Scorsese. Christmas Vacation is by far her most memorable role, despite she also appeared in the 1993 film Boxing Helena.

19. Cousin Eddie"s long-suffering wife, Catherine, is played by actress Miriam Flynn in Christmas Vacation and in the first film in the series. 

Flynn is still functioning today, showing up in TV series like Bones and also Suburgatory. She likewise has done numerous voiceover functions in films like Babe and The Emperor"s new Groove.

20. When it was released top top Dec. 1, 1989, Christmas Vacation debuted at No. 2 at package office, rolling Back to the Future II. It relocated up to No. 1 the following weekend and spent one more week there.

Now labeled as a modern-day holiday classic, Christmas vacation grossed an ext than $71 million during its theatrical run.

21. Christmas holidays is the just film in the series not to incorporate the lindsey Buckingham tune "Holiday Road" in the opening credits.

22. Veteran actor john Randolph, that played Clark Griswold Sr., additionally guest-starred in an illustration of Seinfeld v Julia louis Dreyfus.

23. The film"s director, Jeremiah Chechik, walk on to direct Benny and also Joon and The Avengers (a work again, please again of the british TV series, not the blockbuster Marvel Comics super-team) prior to moving on to television work.


24. The brand the beer Cousin Eddie is drinking throughout the well known septic tank step is Meister Brau, a popular Chicago beer in the 1980"s. You understand it now as "Miller Lite."

25. ~ finding the end his boss gotten in him in a "Jelly of the Month Club" rather of providing the Christmas bonus he to be counting on, Clark goes turn off on one epic, PG-rated rant.

Clocking in in ~ a durable 30 words, the blow-up is remarkably free of profanity. Only three of the 30 words would certainly be taken into consideration objectionable.

It was additionally mostly improvised.

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UPDATE (Dec. 23): as it turns out, fact No. 25 is incorrect. Ellen Latzen, that played Ruby Sue in the film, reached out via Twitter to make the following correction:

kschweigert FYI, Chevy"s rant wasn"t improvised. He check out off cue cards worn by the cast who was encountering him.