The approximated Net worth of thomas Gross is at least $13.7 Million dollars as of 15 April 2021. Mr. Gross owns end 1,887 devices of RPM global stock worth over $397,368 and also over the last 9 years he marketed RPM share worth over $13,092,442. In addition, he makes $248,746 together Independent Director in ~ RPM International.

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Mr. Gun RPM share SEC form 4 insiders trading

Thomas has made over 15 trades the the RPM worldwide stock because 2013, follow to the type 4 filled with the SEC. Many recently he sold 1,887 systems of RPM stock worth $170,943 on 15 April 2021.

The largest trade he"s ever made was offering 110,726 units of RPM worldwide stock on 28 may 2014 worth end $8,229,156. Top top average, cutting board trades around 9,273 devices every 73 days due to the fact that 2012. Together of 15 April 2021 that still own at the very least 5,016 systems of RPM worldwide stock.

You deserve to see the complete background of Mr. Gross share trades in ~ the bottom of the page.

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Thomas Gross biography

Thomas Stephen gross is an live independence Director that RPM international Inc. Retired Vice Chairman and Chief operating Officer for the electrical Sector of Eaton coporation, group plc, a global diversified power management firm (NYSE: ETN). Mr. Gross joined Eaton in 2003 as Vice President, Eaton business Systems, and from 2004 come 2009 offered as chairman of Eaton’s strength quality and also controls business. From 2009 until his retirement in 2015, Mr. Gross served as angry Chairman and Chief operation Officer for Eaton’s electric Sector. Prior to joining Eaton, Mr. Gross organized executive leadership positions through Danaher Corporation, Xycom Automation and Rockwell Automation. Mr. Gross was previously a director of WABCO Holdings Inc., a top manufacturer of auto control systems (NYSE: WBC), until may 2020. Mr. Gross got his B.S. Level in electrical and computer design from the college of Wisconsin and his M.B.A. Level from the college of Michigan. The board of directors has figured out that Mr. Gross have to serve together a Director since of his comprehensive executive monitoring experience in ~ Eaton copy, group plc. At Eaton, Mr. Gross dealt with plenty of of the major issues, such as financial, strategic, technology, compensation, administration development, acquisitions and also capital allocation, the the company deals with today.

What is the salary of thomas Gross?

As the Independent manager of RPM International, the total compensation of cutting board Gross at RPM worldwide is $248,746. There are 11 executives at RPM International obtaining paid more, with Frank Sullivan having actually the greatest compensation that $9,183,760.

How old is thomas Gross?

Thomas gross is 66, he"s been the Independent director of RPM International due to the fact that 2012. There room 3 older and also 13 younger executives at RPM International. The earliest executive at RPM International, Inc. Is David Daberko, 75, that is the live independence Director.

What"s cutting board Gross"s mail address?

Thomas"s mailing address filed with the SEC is C/O RPM worldwide INC., 2628 PEARL ROAD, P.O. Crate 777, MEDINA, OH, 44258.

Insiders trading in ~ RPM International

over the last 19 years, insiders in ~ RPM International have actually traded over $32,449,695 precious of RPM global stock and bought 111,445 systems worth $2,896,849. The most energetic insiders traders incorporate Frank C Sullivan, Ronald A Rice, and Thomas C Sullivan.On average, RPM international executives and also independent directors profession stock every 33 days through the mean trade being worth that $3,099,692. The most recent stock profession was executed by open minded C Sullivan ~ above 28 April 2021, trading 200,000 devices of RPM stock currently worth $8,920,000.

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What go RPM worldwide do?

RPM worldwide Inc. Own subsidiaries that are people leaders in specialty coatings, sealants, building materials and related services. The company operates across four reportable segments: consumer, building and construction products, power coatings and also specialty products. RPM has actually a varied portfolio with numerous market-leading brands, including Rust-Oleum, DAP, Zinsser, Varathane, Day-Glo, Legend Brands, Stonhard, Carboline, Tremco and also Dryvit. Indigenous homes and workplaces, to infrastructure and precious landmarks, RPM"s brands room trusted through consumers and professionals alike to assist build a far better world. The agency employs about 14,600 people worldwide.