The body painting reality competition show Skin Wars combines everything we love: creativity, artistry, and also a tool that’s mostly international to us all. Painting — top top the body?!

Fans the the Game show Network‘s many popular series have become fully obsessed with watching body artists get much more and more creative with each brand-new season. What will come next? though viewers never know what to expect from the imaginative contestants, one thing’s because that sure: It’ll always be miscellaneous that provides your jaw drop.

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Rebecca Romjin master the show, which has actually sparked a spinoff series, and also has reportedly drawn in end 11.3 million viewers. If it’s yet to be confirmed whether or not Skin Wars will view a Season 4, pan of the show are waiting in anticipation because that an announcement.

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Till we acquire one, examine out our recap listed below of who won periods 1-3.

Who won Season 1 that Skin Wars?

Natalie Fletcher to be the first-ever contestant to success Skin Wars. Natalie, a 32-year-old Oregon aboriginal who states she found the arts of painting at 15, took home the big prize that $100,000 in Season 1 after she art, which focused on realism and also nature landscapes, won over the judges.

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