Terraplane Blues is the very first single exit by Robert Johnson—a traveling blues performer deep revered by plenty of rock musicians of the 1960s, although his surviving heritage is limited to only 29 songs recorded in 2 sessions in 1936 and 1937.

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The tune title describes the an effective and inexpensive Terraplane cars created during the great Depression the the 1930s, and the name of the brand itself points to the high public interest in aviation at the time.
The Terraplane Blues lyrics point out various auto malfunctions together a an allegory for the fading relationship in between the narrator and also his girlfriend. It is believed that this poetic allegory through Robert Johnson has actually subsequently influenced a variety of rock lyrics including The Beatles" Drive my Car and Led Zeppelin"s Trampled Under Foot.
Compositionally, Terraplane Blues adheres to the common harmonic standard of most blues songs of the time and is based on the three primary major chords that the Ionian mode. In the harmonic evaluation of the song"s chord chains, the scale levels (denoted through Roman numerals) present the following progression in the vital of F major: F–B♭–F–C–B♭–F or I–IV–I–V–IV–I. The exact same chord chain laid out in the key of C major is uncovered in Statesboro Blues by blind Willie McTell.

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Judging by the on slide guitar method heard ~ above Robert Johnson"s recording, Terraplane Blues was initially performed in the key of E major—one that the many comfortable major keys for guitarists. The fact that the recording itself is an extremely close come the key of F major can be defined by the greater guitar tuning or the much faster playback speed.
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