Cari Fletcher is one American singer that burst ~ above the scene through her heartfelt 2019 single Undrunk. The soulful song got to No.1 ~ above Spotify’s viral chart and became Fletcher’s first song to appear on the Billboard warm 100. Fletcher made her debut in 2015, and also three year later, she signed through Capitol Records.

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Shannon Beveridge is a YouTube vlogger famous for she passionate LGBTQ+ activism. In 2017, she winner the LGBT Celebrity increasing Star Award at the british LGBT Awards and also the Shorty Award because that LGBTQ+ YouTube Channel.

Fletcher and Shannon recently damaged up after dating in an enig for four years


Fletcher’s breakout EP could not have actually been the success it was if she hadn’t feel the pains of being cheated on by she ex. The 5-track project in-depth how she discovered out around her ex’s infidelity, how she couldn’t walk through new York there is no thinking around her toxic ex-partner, and how she hoped the she could ‘unfuck’ the person. She said Harper’s Bazaar:

“I to be really, really bitter. Due to the fact that it’s such a part of my past, ns able to talk around it, but it’s really straightforward for me to tap ago into those feelings, since I remember them prefer it was yesterday. I shed myself; it was a toxic situation. There to be no respect there. I kind of hated that I was. Ns look earlier on that person, and I pity that variation of me. But then again, it offered me yes, really thick skin.”

Fletcher included that she doesn’t resent that ex anymore, and also she wishes that they discover love.

Shannon had actually a really public relationship with her ex Cammie Scott – a partnership that didn’t finish well. In a subsequent video clip she did v Cammie, Beveridge proclaimed that at the end of the relationship, there to be an unhealthy power struggle that eroded the link they’d created.

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Cammie and also Shannon are currently on an excellent terms, and also they execute hang out and also create contents together.