YouTuber william Osman’s house melted down ~ above Tuesday, and a video clip of him visiting the rubble went viral. Getty Images
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YouTuber william Osman"s house was destroyed on Tuesday as wildfire raged in Ventura ar in California. A GoFundMe account was began by friend David Willner to assist pay because that the damages. The campaign has a score of 10,000, yet surpassed $120,000 from more than 6,300 donors in 20 hours.

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Osman and also wife Chelsea room newlyweds who space "a pair that was created each other," Willner created in the beginning of the post. Yet their "positive journey" with each other was placed on host when the blaze decimated their home.

"They space safe and were able come evacuate through a couple of important belongings, however will have to rebuild their lives and also will need your help. Any kind of funding (no matter exactly how small) would greatly aid relieve The Osmans of few of the financial stress and anxiety this situation has created," Willner wrote. "Send them the love, good vibes, prayers, think to them together they deserve all of that and also more."

Osman required to YouTube top top Tuesday, where he post a video that reflects the ruins. He says it was supposed to it is in a funny video, yet it to be nothing various other than heartbreaking for many viewers come watch.

Still, Osman do the efforts to do light of the case by reflecting off his kitchen, or wherein it supplied to be. He offers beverages to the cameraman, but there are only some empty can be ~ left.

"I know we execute stuff that could make it seem choose it was our fault, yet Ventura County has experienced a enormous wildfire," Osman claims in the clip, i m sorry garnered an ext than 488,000 views.

Since the residences on either side of his were no touched by the fire, Osman states they to be "very unlucky."

"This is awful," he said while picking up the debris. "Seeing it up close and going with it renders it so much worse."

"I assumed I to be going to have the ability to hold myself an ext together, but this yes, really sucks. It"s like everything," the YouTuber admits. "I haven"t cried in a really long time."

The only thing that survived the fire was a fork—and Osman claims he will certainly cherish it.

While the YouTuber defines he had renter"s insurance, which he simply recently purchased, it wasn"t sufficient to pay because that everything. That"s why he promotes the GoFundMe page.

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Since Monday, the Ventura blaze melted 65,500 acres and reached the Pacific Ocean, the Los Angeles Times report on Wednesday. An ext than 27,000 civilization were told to evacuate, with Governor Jerry Brown declaring a state that emergency.

"This fire is very dangerous and also spreading rapidly, but we"ll continue to strike it with all we"ve got," Brown said. "It"s vital residents continue to be ready and also evacuate instantly if said to carry out so."