Plus: Elizabeth Taylor slept with JFK and also Reagan (not at the same time), Tom Hanks ~ above Broadway, The Biebz and also Ryan Gosling are related, and much more of today"s celebrity news.

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Will blacksmith Arrested in 1989? Apparently will certainly Smith spent a night in jail in West philly after he was arrested in link with an assault that almost left a document promoter blind in one eye. Dues of aggravated assault and criminal conspiracy were later dropped.

Tom Hanks ~ above Broadway. Tom Hanks will supposedly star in a Broadway power of a play written by the so late Nora Ephron. Hans formerly starred in Ephron’s You’ve got Mail and also Sleepless in Seattle. The writer/director had been working on the play, Lucky Guy, because that years leading approximately her death.

Second Silver Linings Trailer. everyone is talking around the second trailer for Bradley Cooper’s upcoming The silver- Linings Playbook. Cooper and firm are most likely running the end of room on their mantles for all the hardware the film has actually earned them.

Elizabeth Taylor had actually a point for Presidents. according to a new biography, Elizabeth Taylor slept v Ronald Reagan when she was a teenager and later had a threesome through John F. Kennedy and also actor Robert Stack… in a pool.

Hopkins Is Hitchcock. Anthony Hopkins plays good filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock in an upcoming biopic that concentrates on the director’s life as he operated on his above film, Psycho.

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Justin Bieber and also Ryan Gosling space Related. Seriously, a new study native the folks at mirrors that The Biebz is regarded Ryan Gosling, Avril Lavigne and Celine Dion due to the fact that all well known Canadians space related. Illuminati.

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