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"Help Me endure The Night" is a country music ballad written and composed by Kris Kristofferson and also released ~ above his 1970 album Kristofferson. It was covered later in 1970 by Sammi Smith, top top the album assist Me endure the Night. Smith"s recording of the song remains the most commercially successful and most well-known version in the unified States. Her recording ranks amongst the most successful country singles of all time in terms of sales, popularity, and radio airplay. the topped the country singles chart, and was likewise a crossover hit, getting to number eight ~ above the U. S. Pop singles chart. "Help Me endure The Night" also became Smith"s signature song. In 1975 the title showed up in the 2175forals.com of Paul Anka"s "I Don"t like to Sleep Alone". Influenced by Smith"s success through the song, countless other artists spanned it soon thereafter, including Tammy Wynette, Loretta Lynn, glen Campbell, Joan Baez, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, Joey Sontz, ray Stevens, and Willie Nelson.more »

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Take the ribbon from her hairShake it loosened and let the fallLayin" soft upon my skinLike the shadows ~ above the wallCome and also lay down by my sideTill the at an early stage mornin" lightAll I"m takin" is her timeHelp me endure the nightI don"t care who"s ideal or wrongI don"t shot to understandLet the devil take tomorrow"Cause this evening I need a friendYesterday is dead and goneAnd tomorrow"s the end of sightAnd it"s sad to be aloneHelp me make it through the nightI don"t treatment who"s ideal or wrongI don"t try to understandLet the adversary take tomorrowFor this evening I require a friendYesterday is dead and also goneAnd tomorrow"s the end of sightAnd it"s sad to be aloneHelp me survive the nightI don"t want to be aloneHelp me survive the night

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Willie Nelson Willie Hugh Nelson (pronounced /wɪli nɛlsən /; born April 30, 1933) is one American country music singer-songwriter, as well as an author, poet, actor, and also activist. The critical success the the album Shotgun Willie (1973), combined with the an important and advertisement success the Red top Stranger (1975) and also Stardust (1978), make Nelson among the most recognized artists in nation music. That was among the main numbers of outlaw country, a subgenre of country music that developed at the end of the 1960s together a reaction to the conservative limitations of the Nashville sound.

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Nelson has acted in over 30 films, co-authored number of books, and has been affiliated in activism for the use of biofuels and the legalization the marijuana. More »