Wilson Phillips’ “The Dream Is quiet Alive” seems to be based on two various storylines. Throughout the earlier parts of the track, the singer is speak to a singular addressee. And it have the right to be deduced that their combination is romantic in nature. For instance, the expression “fire appeared to flicker” is used, i m sorry alludes to the two of them when being close but not so much so in the present. Additionally she refers to the addressee together “baby”, i beg your pardon is a usual term the endearment for a romantic partner. Then she go on come tell this human being that “the dream is still alive, the one of you and I”. This would likely denote her id that problems in their romance deserve to be rectified. Furthermore, it supposedly points come the the idea that she has actually not offered up top top the idea of the 2 of them living happily ever before after, despite the truth that at the minute her “heartache is healing”.

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Subject issue Shift

However, the track seems to completely shift in topic matter during its second half. The usual interpretation that this particular section is that the singer is now referring come the 1960s, one era in American history when countless average citizens whereby vested in optimistic social change. Or as Wilson Phillips put it, “people dreamed out loud” and also “were no afraid”. And one of the factors such statements are taken into consideration to refer to the 60s is since for instance, said people were in reality able come ‘stop the war’. And also we all understand that the greatest anti-war protests to day in American background were in opposition come the united States’ intervention in Vietnam, specifically during the 1960s.

But that being said, even though the war has ended, “the dying” has not. In addition some of this selfsame protesters “got a small bit lost along the way”. Or another method of feather at these statements is that whereas the Vietnam battle itself may have ended, various other threats to person life which affect American citizens have continued. However, the protests did not, through the people who initiated these actions throughout the 60s currently being captured up in other, much more self-centered endeavors.

The Dream is quiet Alive

However this is yet one more scenario where the band exclaims the “the dream is still alive after all this time”. Or possibly another means of interpreting this statement is the the hopeful spirit of the prior generation persists. Undoubtedly two that the members that Wilson Phillips itself space the descendants of Brian Wilson (of The coast Boys) and also the various other of John and also Michelle Phillips (The Mamas & the Papas). And both of the previously mentioned bands knowledgeable their heyday throughout the 1960s.

So conclusively, the title of this track is offered to highlight the singer’s feeling in two completely-different matters. One is the romantic connection she is in, which shows up as if that is ~ above the verge of fallout’s apart. And the various other is her lamenting the reality that selfless spirit of yesteryear no longer seems to exist. However in both situations she feels that “the dream is tho alive”, as in this matters have the right to still go back to a previous, more-ideal state heading into the future.


Release date of “The Dream Is tho Alive”

This is a tune from Wilson Phillips’ an initial album, i m sorry was additionally entitled “Wilson Phillips”. “The Dream Is tho Alive” came out through the rest of the project, via SBK Records, ~ above 8 might 1990. And the complying with year it was additionally re-released together the fifth solitary from the album.

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Writing Credits

This song waswritten Wilson Phillips, an all-female band, together with its producer, GlenBallard.“The Dream Is quiet Alive” peaked at number 12on the Billboard hot 100 and likewise charted in Canada.