In depth discussions of interior martial arts, theatricality, and also Daoist ritual emptiness. Initial martial arts ideas and also Daoist education with a feeling of humor and intelligence.

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Internal martial arts, theatricality, Chinese religion, and also The gold Elixir.

Books: TAI CHI, BAGUAZHANG and THE golden ELIXIR, internal Martial Arts prior to the Boxer Uprising. By Scott Park Phillips. Paper ($30.00), Digital ($9.99)

Possible Origins, A cultural History the Chinese Martial Arts, Theater and Religion, (2016) By Scott Park Phillips. Paper ($18.95), Digital ($9.99)

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Eastover Workshop, in east Massachusetts, beginnings of inner Martial Arts. Ns am pushing this to JUNE 2022.

Daodejing Online in October 2021 - discover Daoist Meditation through studying Daoism’s most sacred text Laozi’s Daodejing. You can join from anywhere in the world, $50. New Group starting in October, email me if girlfriend are amazing in joining!

might 21, 2018 Wind Fire wheel might 21, 2018/ Scott Park Phillips

Wind Fire Wheels acquire an in depth discussion in my following book. They are nearly exclusively a Baguazhang weapon. Right here is a quick review of the problem, feedback welcome, every weapons are pictured bellow:

The Angry infant God Nezha"s windfire wheels go on his feetThe wind fire wheels of Baguazhang walk in the hands.Two Baguazhang deer horn velvet stuck together look prefer a wind fire wheel.Nezha"s Qiankun Yuan (hoop) is both a punching weapon and also a boomerang (so he never ever throws the away).These are all most likely theatrical-ritual weapons.How room they all related? What is their real purpose?

Check out this (currently free) TV show about Wind Fire wheel starring Gene Ching, who does a wonderful job. That is hefty on the metal work and cheese.

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Man in ~ Arms: art of war (S1E1) Kungfu Weapons

Tangki own by Nezha regularly do some type of self-flaying, the man in the TV display actual cut himself, as one would suppose from a self-flaying weapon prefer fish-swords and also spike-balls.

Nezha has his origins in infant Krishna indigenous India. There are two similar weapons provided there: