Suggested level: 32

Group: Secondary searches (Hearts the Stone)

Location: Novigrad

You will get this quest throughout the "Evil"s Soft an initial Touches" quest. Once you leave the residence after the very first conversation v Olgierd, you will be hooked by Adela, one of the members that the Olgierd"s Wild Ones. She will ask you to assist her uncover out what taken place to her friend.

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"The White Wolf", "the Butcher that Blaviken" – Geralt gathered plenty of sobriquets ~ above his Path, among which was the colorful and, I challenge say, apt, appellation of "Puss Peepers." This he gained during his adventure through Olgierd, when a cheeky young mrs in Olgierd"s agency pinned him as the man finest able to track under the scoundrel who eliminated her friend, Kluivert.

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Quest stages of increased on a Red Field

1. Inspection Bowdon because that clues around Kluivert"s murder utilizing your Witcher Senses.

Go come Bowdon and also kill the ghouls (32) that took end the village. Then usage your witcher senses in the main part the the town and you need to smell a scent that you deserve to follow.

2. Discover the resource of the strong odor using your Witcher Senses./ find the hut making use of your Witcher Senses.

The smell will take you to among the huts in the village. Research the machine you will uncover there,...

...and the footprints top top the bed.

3. Investigate about the hut for clues around the guy who fled out the window.

Near the home window you should find plenty the traces you can follow.

The tracks will lead you come the bushes. As soon as you study them, you"ll be able to move on.

Following the traces, you"ll reach a corpse lie in the field. Study it. It"s a dead Kluivert who was shoot by someone.

Kluivert had indeed to be killed. Though much time had actually passed because the murder, the witcher hope he can still uncover enough evidence to establish who was responsible.

4. Look around for signs of the man who shooting the bolt using your Witcher Senses.

Find the footprints the the guy who shot the bolt near the fence.

5. Monitor the shooter"s tracks utilizing your Witcher Senses.

Follow the killer"s footsteps and they will certainly lead you ago to the village where friend will uncover the monitor of the horse he gained on.

6. Follow the horses" tracks./ defeat the knights. / check out the knights" camp.

Follow the horse"s tracks, and also you"ll eventually reach the collapse Knights camp. Death the collapse knights (33) you accomplish there, and find the Orders to assault Bowdon lying on the wagon.

It turned the end Kluivert"s fatality was not the occupational of usual bandits or deserters, yet knights that the recently liquified Order the the Flaming Rose. Geralt establish the brethren who had actually killed Kluivert were but part of a much bigger contingent. Come prevent any further together murders and fully avenge Kluivert, the would have to discover the knights" leader.

7. Read the paper you found in the fallen knights" camp.

Orders to strike Bowdon

I"ve heard rumors the abandoned town of Bowdon"s exit no more. A fill of usual bandits have actually moved in and made it right into their own tiny fisstech manufactory.

We cannot permit this. I"m issuing the bespeak to assault the village and exterminate the vermin. We"ll do an example, strike part terror in everyone"s hearts. Haul any equipment and also supplies to our laboratory northwest the Brunwich. Destroy everything else.

- Ulrich

Read the order to find the place of the knights" hideout.

The orders Geralt found on the knights he beat not only shed light on their tasks – they"d offered up defending the defenseless and also switched to brewing narcotics – yet revealed the ar of your hideout. Geralt made decision to take a brief break from monster searching to pay their Grand master a courtesy call.

8. Investigate the fallen knights" laboratory northwest that Brunwich. / loss the please knights.

There will certainly be 2 fallen knights (32) outside. To gain inside you have the right to kill castle ("Don"t choose your tone. Adjust it." or "Wanna fight? fine by me.") and loot a rusty crucial from the corpse of among them, usage Delusion (2) or salary them 1000 crowns.

Inside friend will satisfy Ulrich (32), that no issue what you say will acknowledge you as Jacques de Aldersberg"s killer and also will stimulate to kill you. You will have to kill that and around ten various other fallen knights (32).

The witcher and the Grand grasp did not take a liking to every other. After a brief talk about the Order"s past and also mission, they moved on to equipped combat. This struggle could clearly have just one result – Ulrich met the exact same fate as his infamous predecessor, Jacques de Aldersberg.

9. Go to the woman who hired girlfriend to collect your reward.

Go earlier to Adela. You"ll find her in ~ The Alchemy Inn in Oxenfurt. You"ll gain 200 crowns native her.

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With this Geralt that Rivia, alias "Puss Peepers," avenged Kluivert and also completed the job allotted him. He gathered his promised prize and collection off on his Path.