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Wood Harris Biography

Wood Harris is an American actor who was born and also brought up in Chicago, Illinois, the United states of America as Sherwin David Harris.

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Harris has portrayed the medicine kingpin, Avon Barksdale, ~ above the HBO crime drama The Wire, cocaine dealer Ace in paid in Full and high school football player Julius Campbell in the 2000 film Remember the Titans.

Wood Harris Age

Harris is 52 year old together of 2021, he was born top top 17 October 1969, in Chicago, Illinois, United says of America. He celebrate his date of birth on October 17 every year and his birth authorize is Libra.

Wood Harris Height

Harris stands in ~ a elevation of 6 feet and 3 inches.

Ed Harris load Loss

Harris has a load of 71 kg or 156 lbs. He has actually not common his weight loss details come the public. Us are keeping tabs and also we shall upgrade this section as shortly as the details space available.

Wood Harris Education

Harris attend St. Joseph High School, the attended north Illinois University, where he graduated through a Bachelor of arts in Theatre Arts, and also he later on enrolled at new York University and also graduated v a master of Arts.

Wood Harris Parents

Harris to be born to his mom Mattie Mattie Harris, a seamstress and also to his father, man Harris, a bus driver.

Wood Harris brothers Steve Harris

Harris flourished up with a brother named Steve Harris. Steve Harris is an American actor. He has actually played Eugene Young on9999 the legitimate drama The Practice, Detective Isaiah “Bird” Freeman top top the NBC drama Awake and also Charles McCarter in Tyler Perry’s Diary the a Mad black color Woman.

Wood Harris Wife

Harris is married come Rebekah Harris. The couple married in 2001. This pair has 2 children. Harris is extremely family-oriented. He largely loves to play v his children.

According to his wife, Harries is a responsible father and also a caring husband. Through his quiet profile, he has actually never been spotted in dating any kind of other girls and also having fun with the ladies.

Wood Harris net Worth

Harris has an approximated net precious of $3 million dollars together of 2021. This has his assets, money and also income. His primary resource of revenue is his career together an actor. With his miscellaneous sources of income, Wood has actually been able to accumulate a an excellent fortune but prefers to command a modest lifestyle.

Wood Harris Measurements and also Facts

Here room some amazing facts and body measurements you should know around Wood Harris.

Wood Harris Image

Wood Harris Wiki

Full Names: Sherwin David “Wood” HarrisPopular As: timber HarrisGender: MaleOccupation / Profession: ActorNationality: AmericanRace / Ethnicity: BlackReligion: ChristianitySexual Orientation: Straight

Wood Harris Birthday

Age / just how Old?: 52 years old(2021)Zodiac Sign: LibraDate of Birth: 17 October 1969Place of Birth: Chicago, IllinoisBirthday: 17 October

Wood Harris human body Measurements

Body Measurements: not AvailableHeight / just how Tall?: 6 Feet 2 InchWeight: 71 kgEye Color: BlackHair Color: Black

Wood Harris Family and also Relationship

Father (Dad): man HarrisMother: Mattie HarrisSiblings (Brothers and Sisters): Steve HarrisMarital Status: MarriedWife/Spouse: Married come Rebekah HarrisChildren: 2 children

Wood Harris Networth and also Salary

Net Worth: $3 millionSalary: Under ReviewSource that Income: ActingWood Harris Actor

While enrolled in NIU, Harris starred in his very first major film duty in the basketball drama above the Rim, certification opposite Tupac Shakur, and also appeared in many theatrical stage productions of miscellaneous off-Broadway plays. Harris subsequently guest-starred in a range of television and film venues before portraying legendary rock guitarist Jimi Hendrix in Showtime’s 2000 movie, Hendrix.

Later that year, Harris got his very first NAACP photo Award nomination because that “Outstanding sustaining Actor in a activity Picture” together with the Blockbuster Movie award nomination because that “Favorite sustaining Actor in a motion Picture” because that his duty as Julius “Big Ju” Campbell in psychic the Titans. In 2002, the starred in the Dame Dash produced cult-classic film paid in Full, based on the true story of three Harlem drug dealers v Harris playing the real-life kingpin Azie Faison.

He starred as Avon Barksdale, loosely based upon the real-life Nathan Barksdale, in the first three seasons of HBO’s original collection The Wire, and one episode in the fifth season. He likewise produced his own debut album, Beautiful Wonderful, which was intended for relax in 2005.

In June 2008, manager Martin Guigui revealed that Harris was actors as Nate “Sweetwater” Clifton in Sweetwater, a movie about the first black player in the NBA.<10> as of march 2018, the is tho in pre-production.

In 2009, Harris starred in the film Just one more Day, as a effective fictional rapper called A-maze. The film centers top top a clash in between a young up-and-coming rapper and an older one at the height of his game, the former played through Jamie Hector (whose personality Marlo Stanfield had actually a similar role with respect come Harris’s personality in The Wire).

In 2012, Harris narrated the ESPN 30 for 30 movie Benji. In the exact same year he also played Harold “Mitch” Mitchell in the Broadway revival of A Streetcar named Desire by Tennessee Williams; together Blair Underwood, Nicole Ari Parker, and Daphne Rubin-Vega.

In 2015, he reunited with The Wire actors member Michael B. Jordan because that Creed, the recent installment that the Rocky franchise, reprising the function in the sequel.

Wood Harris psychic The Titans

Harris got his very first NAACP image Award nomination because that “Outstanding supporting Actor in a motion Picture” together with the Blockbuster Movie compensation nomination because that “Favorite sustaining Actor in a movement Picture” because that his duty as Julius “Big Ju” Campbell in psychic the Titans.

Wood Harris payment In Full

In 2002, he starred in the Dame Dash developed cult-classic film paid in Full, based upon the true story of three Harlem drug dealers with Harris playing the real-life kingpin Azie Faison.

Wood Harris over The Rim

While enrolled in NIU, Harris starred in his very first major film role in the basketball drama over the Rim, certification opposite Tupac Shakur, and appeared in numerous theatrical phase productions of various off-Broadway plays.

Wood Harris Movies

1994 over the rim Motaw1997 As an excellent as it Gets together Cafe 24 Busboy1998 Celebrity together Al SwayzeThe Siege Officer as Henderson2000 Train Ride together WillRhapsody together Billy DixonCommitted as ChickyAre girlfriend Cinderella?Remember the Titans as Julius CampbellThe gold Cup as Clayton2002 payment in full as Ace2004 delight Road as Tony Smalls2005 Dirty as Brax2006 Southland story as Dion Element The heart Specialist as Dr. Sidney Zachary2007 4 Life as Dayvon2008 Jazz in the Diamond District together Gabriel Marx2009 not Easily broken as Darnell GoodenDough Boys as Julian FranceNext day Air together GuchJust an additional Day together A-Maze2012 The Babymakers together DarrellDredd as KayBenji together Himself2015 Ant-Man together GaleCreed together Tony “Little Duke” Evers2017 when Upon a Time in Venice as Prince9/11 together MichaelBlade jogger 2049 together Nandez2018 Creed II as Tony “Little Duke” Evers

Wood Harris Television

1996 NYPD Blue together Hector1997 Oz as Officer Gordon Wood1997 Cosby together Tony1998 brand-new York Undercover Shadow1999 Spenser: tiny Vices as Ellis Alves2000 Hendrix together Jimi Hendrix2003 The Twilight Zone together Marvin Gardens / Dwayne Grant2007 Numb3rs together Murphy ‘Pony’ Fuñez2002–08 The Wire as Avon Barksdale2008 home as Bowman2009 played by Fame2010 Southland as Trinney Day2010 Hawaii Five-0 together Russell Ellison2013 The Watsons go to Birmingham as Daniel Watson2014 Justified as Jay2017 The division as Barry Fouray2017 The new Edition Story together Brooke Payne2018–20 empire as Damon Cross2019 Ryan Hanson Solves crime on Television* together Vince VincettiFrequently inquiry Questions about Wood Harris

Who is hardwood Harris?

Wood Harris is a well known actor. The has depicted the drug kingpin, Avon Barksdale, top top the HBO crime drama The Wire, cocaine dealer Ace in payment in Full and high school football player Julius Campbell in the 2000 film Remember the Titans.

How old is wood Harris?

Harris is an American nationwide born top top 17 October 1969.

How tall is hardwood Harris?

Harris stands at a elevation of 1.90 m.

Is hardwood Harris married?

Yes, Harris is married to Rebekah Harris and also they acquired married in 2001.

How lot is wood Harris worth?

Harris has actually an approximate network worth of $3 million. This amount has been accrued native his leading duties in the to chat industry.

Where does hardwood live?

Harris is a resides of new York City, new York, United says of America, we shall upload photos of her house as quickly as we have actually them.

Is Harris dead or alive?

Wood is alive and also in great health. There have actually been no reports the him gift sick or having any kind of health-related issues.

Wood Harris Contacts

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