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"Written in the Stars" is a song by English rapper Tinie Tempah special American singer Eric Turner. Uneven his 2 prior breakthrough singles which were developed by Labrinth, the monitor instead attributes production through iSHi. It to be released in September 2010 v Parlophone, digitally on the iTunes Store. It serves together the 3rd official single from his debut album Disc-Overy. The track debuted at number one on the UK Singles Chart, coming to be Tinie Tempah"s 2nd number-one single in the united Kingdom. The song was released together Tempah"s debut U. S. Single, and has peaked at No. 12 on the Billboard hot 100. The track additionally marks Tinie"s very first top 10 fight on the Billboard Mainstream height 40. "Written in the Stars" was supplied by significant League Baseball for their commercials relating to the 2011 significant League Baseball Postseason. That was additionally chosen by WWE as its theme track for WrestleMania XXVII. Recently, the was supplied as the advent to the eighth season the the South asian Softball League. Due to the fact that the 2011–12 season, it has been used as the theme tune for sky Sports" coverage the Premier league football. Samples of "Written in the Stars" deserve to be heard in promos provided for the USA Network sports-drama crucial Roughness. The song was liked as miss out on USA 2011 evening Gown Competition"s lift music. The brand-new York Giants supplied the tune as your entrance track in Super bowl XLVI top top 5 February 2012. The was likewise used in the closing ceremony that the London Olympic games in august 2012. In may 2016, Tempah performed the track live in Wembley Stadium before the FA Cup final.more »

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Oh composed in the starsA million mile awayA post to the maneOhSeasons come and goBut ns will never changeAnd I"m on mine wayLet"s goYeahYou"re hearne nowThey say they ain"t heard nothing favor this in a whileThat"s why lock play my tune on so numerous different dials"Cause i got much more fuckin" hits than a disciplined childWhen they view me everybody brrap"s, brrapsMan I"m favor a young gun fully black BarrackI cried tear drops over the massive attackI just make hits like I occupational with a racket and also batLook at my jacket and hatSo cursed berserkSo under to earthI"m bringing gravity backAdopted by the significant I desire my family members backPeople work hard just to gain all your salary taxedLook I"m simply a writer native the ghetto choose Malory BlackmanWhere the hells every the sanity at, damnI used to be the boy that no one cared aboutThat"s why you have to keep screaming "til they hear friend outOh composed in the starsA million mile awayA message to the maneOhSeasons come and also goBut ns will never ever changeAnd I"m on my wayOh, oh, oh, oh, oh!Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!Yeah, I required a changeWhen us ate we never took because we necessary a changeI necessary a breakFor a sec" I also gave increase believing and also prayingI even done illegal stuff and was leaded astrayThey speak the money is the root to the evilest waysBut have you ever before been for this reason hungry the it keeps friend awakeMate, now my hunger would certainly leave them amazedGreat, the feels like a lengthy time coming, fam"Since the work I believed of that shrewd planOne job I had a dream ns tried to chase itBut i wasn"t walking nowhere, to run man!I knew that probably someday I would certainly understandTrying to rotate a tenner come a hundred grandEveryone"s a child that no-one cares aboutYou just have to keep screaming "til lock hear you outOh composed in the starsA million miles awayA blog post to the maneOhSeasons come and goBut i will never ever changeAnd I"m on my wayOh, oh, oh, oh, oh!Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!Oh created in the starsA million miles awayA article to the maneOhSeasons come and goBut i will never ever changeAnd I"m on my way

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Eric Turner Eric Turner is one American singer-songwriter who at this time resides in Sweden. He is the command singer in the band Street Fighting male and also a music teacher. Much more »