For non-wrestling fans, ESPN"s WWE: Behind the Curtain documentary was a potential entry allude into the circus that is the squared circle, a way to aid understand this stunner business. For those who currently regularly digest WWE"s product, though, the best takeaways center on Xavier Woods, Adam Rose and also Corey Graves.

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The one-hour E:60 special showed who these men are when the cameras room off and also how WWE brass watch them.

While acquiring to be a paris on the wall surface for NXT meetings, fans might see just exactly how much your perceptions the Woods, Graves and also Rose different from those of the human being making decisions behind the scenes. Graves was apparently poised for huge things, rose won over an ext people on ESPN 보다 he ever before has on Raw and Woods has actually a powerful man in his corner.

Triple H is High ~ above Xavier Woods

It"s no wonder The new Day has received such a huge push of late. Triple H has been pulling for Woods due to the fact that he remained in NXT.

The agile, energetic wrestler is not on plenty of fans" perform of favorites. He has struggled come make lot of an influence since involvement the key roster. That will absolutely get many of opportunities, though. 

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That"s the benefit of having actually a high-ranking main in your fan club.


XavierWoodsPhD and also
WWEAdamRose relive their journey on #WWEe60

The E:60 film proved The game at a meeting telling those existing that Woods is a "priority project." Triple H stated that other than height, "he"s got everything."

That comes as a surprised to those underwhelmed by his ring work and also moderately impressed v his interview skills. 

Real-Life Personality is a big Factor

Add being a great guy come the list of an abilities that can assist one do it in ~ WWE. While fans understand that charisma, physical gifts and speaking capacity are all component of the equation, it was surprising to see exactly how much a prospect"s personality came up.

WWE officials talked about how nice increased was. Folks dubbed Woods a an excellent person. Occasionally it sounded like they were trying to set up your friends through someone, not trying to find the next an excellent wrestler.

What these guys were like off screen seemed to play a function in whether Triple H and company viewed castle as peak prospects.

It provides sense. Someone susceptible to backstage drama and also who has actually an overflowing ego is going come be hard to job-related with. As lot as WWE superstar come off together superheroes, castle are likewise employees, albeit elevation contractors. 

Adam Rose"s genuine Story is much better than His Scripted One 

Ray Leppan peeled far his existing party-animal character and quit playing Leo Kruger to walk us v a couple of steps in his life.

It"s hard to not have newfound respect for him after see how tough he has worked. He had been churning far at WWE developmental, because, in his words, he to be "preparing a future" for his family. Fans experienced him without his costume and his put-on voice and also watched him feed his young kid through a stomach tube.

Thanks to this backstory, Leppan/Kruger/Rose was more compelling 보다 he ever before has remained in the ring.

As WrestlingInc mentioned on Twitter, this glimpse of the will adjust how the audience views him walk forward:

I have actually a new respect because that Adam climbed after see this already. Girlfriend never know what a demonstrate is going through off-screen. #WWEe60

In addition, Rose proved himself to it is in one hell of an actor. He slipped native one character to the next throughout his interviews, his voice morphing, his posture shifting.

No topic of WWE: Behind the Curtain is walk to benefit as lot as him. This documentary allowed him to connect with the crowd in a way he had actually been make the efforts to perform with gimmicks for so long.

Corey tombs Was collection For large Things before Injury

Concussions reduced Graves" career down at the knees. That is now doing commentary because that the company, as the ESPN film details.

Before that, though, public official were big believers in him.

Dusty Rhodes said he thought graves would be "the next huge thing." other folks claimed he had actually a movie-star aura. Triple H revealed that graves was going to be called up come the key roster and also made that seem as if WWE had plans aplenty because that him.

He instructed Bray Wyatt on just how much from his face to host his lamp. He operated on exactly where wrestlers have to stand and also what edge the spotlight must hit Rose, and also he to be the one to rest the news to graves that his in-ring career to be over.

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After Woods" debut ~ above Raw, The video game was there to congratulate him, but also to offer a critique. "Slow it down," Triple H said him, "Let "em digest."

This type of passion, this clear love because that crafting wrestling, is more proof the he would flourish as Vince McMahon"s ultimate replacement.