For years, fans have been speculating around whether or no Kurt edge would ever before return come the WWE. Finally, the looks together though the American Hero will certainly make his return to the agency with one induction into the WWE room of Fame. Due to the fact that of this, it’s very likely the a kurt Angle Mattel WWE figure will it is in close behind. Wrestling number fans will currently speculate as to what Angle’s debut number will be, with tons of different looks available.

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The can be fried Warrior will (in the eye of many) lastly be inducted right into the WWE room of Fame in ~ WrestleMania XXX. His wild and intense demeanor and also colorful attires have always been simple on the eye of wrestling fans both young and also old. His existence in the world of wrestling and influence room undeniable and also now that he will certainly forever it is in a WWE fixture, an ext Mattel WWE wrestling action figures based on the Warrior space bound to be produced. Right here are a couple of speculative possibilities:


A Mattel WWE can be fried Maniacs Warrior!

Ultimate Warrior teamed v his one-time nemesis ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage to form the can be fried Maniacs. When the two powerhouses acquired together, they became an unstoppable sign team and also faced off with many WWE staples at the moment of their friendship. Ultimate Warrior sported a glowing red and also yellow shade scheme with in-depth logos and even sunglasses to enhance Randy Savage. With a brick-like design and arm tassels, this is a previously unmanufactured Warrior that would gain wrestling figure fans talking.


A solo Mattel WWE ultimate Warrior!

The can be fried Warrior, of course, made his biggest impact on the human being of wrestling every by himself. This look catches Ultimate Warrior in ~ the elevation of his solo career, complete with remarkable airbrushing methods on his trunks and also pastel colors that separate him native any and every other wrestling superstar. Together a figure might be taken into consideration a definitive look, reminding fans of Warrior in ~ any point during his solo career.


Mattel WWE WCW Halloween destruction Ultimate Warrior!

Though panned by countless fans, Halloween destruction ’98 continues to be memorable together a clip of ultimate Warrior’s short lived WCW run and a showcase of among his many incredibly in-depth outfits come date. The Halloween havoc look has actually been a search after figure for plenty of wrestling number fans of can be fried Warrior because of its significant detail and also dark, vibrant look. Though the match may not be remembered v wrestling history, the outfit always will.


Modern day Mattel WWE ultimate Warrior!

With his hall of reputation induction, it wouldn’t be a disappointing surprised for the ultimate Warrior, who is in an excellent shape, to step into the WWE ring, one of two people at the 2014 imperial Rumble or at WrestleMania XXX! If this to be the case, a Mattel WWE figure based upon his contemporary look would be a need to have. It would be perfect for fans old and new to bring Ultimate Warrior’s presence into their current wrestling number roster, come play v as a veteran contender or also an government figure! Warrior’s potential for wrestling numbers can not be denied and also Mattel will absolutely not disappoint.

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The ultimate Warrior do a surprise appearance to promote his inclusion in the WWE2K14 video game, sparking rumors of the end of a lengthy time feud with Vince McMahon and also a return, in part capacity come the WWE. Warrior hopefuls have took pleasure in his figure in the game and also a multitude of Mattel WWE activity figures in his likeness, but some are holding out for a surprise imperial Rumble entrance or even a WWE room of reputation induction.

Ultimate Warrior has had great Mattel WWE therapies so far, however here room his many recently featured items, both showcasing vibrant outfits:

In Mattel WWE upstream 26, ultimate Warrior is sporting a singlet designed come look prefer muscle tissue and also some extreme yellow, pink and also green tassels. This outfit is based straight on his appearance in ~ Summerslam 1992, facing off v ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage.

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Ultimate Warrior is paired v a contemporary day brawler lot like self in Sheamus to commemorate the upcoming solemn event of WrestleMania XXX! through a shade scheme the orange and also yellow, black boots and Warrior icons abound, this Warrior number is a no nonsense Basic.

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