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“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

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We watch Shane McMahon and also Daniel Bryan talk backstage around how “Team Blue” is walk to it is in the brand come beat at SummerSlam. Shane then has Randy Orton come in and sign the contract for his match versus Brock Lesnar this Sunday. Orton states the enhance might not go as long as anticipated. It just takes one RKO and a three count. Orton then indications the contract.

There is a knock in ~ the door, and Heath Slater walks in transferring a basket that fruit. Slater tosses one apple in ~ Orton, and also Orton simply stands there as it floor in his arms. Bryan says the tag on the basket says, “To Bob.” Slater claims it was claimed to say “Boss.” Slater says he watched Smackdown Live from last week and also saw they wanted to market him a contract. He’s the hottest complimentary agent in sporting activities entertainment. Slater says he stand toe-to-toe with Lesnar last night ~ above Monday Night RAW. Shane claims that to be impressive and also he’s surprised to see him was standing there. Shane says Slater dissed them critical week by shedding to Rhyno. Lock can’t keep giving him chances. Slater states they’re in a tiny pickle. Bryan states they aren’t. It’s the contrary of a pickle. Orton bring away a bite that the apple and also says he has an idea.

The Smackdown video clip plays, and we’re brought into the arena to view The Miz and Maryse in the ring. It’s time because that Miz TV. Maryse claims she desires every person in the arena to wake up and help her welcome the sexiest man alive, the A-lister, she husband, the Intercontinental Champion, The Miz. Miz welcomes anyone to the most must-see WWE talk display in history… prior to being cut off through Dean Ambrose’s music. The WWE Champion provides his way to the ring to a nice reception from the crowd. Ambrose claims under regular circumstances, that can’t was standing the sound the his voice…

Dolph Ziggler’s music cut Ambrose off, and also he renders his means to the ring looking really serious. Ziggler apologizes for cutting Ambrose off before taking the back. Ambrose states he doesn’t need to talk to do his point, and also they go face-to-face. The Miz steps between them and says, “Whoa,” over and over again. Miz says this is his show. He invite them both out here to speak – not fight. Over there is a lot of to speak about. That would have actually thought also six months earlier that Ziggler would be competing for the WWE people Heavyweight Championship at SummerSlam? A many of world had him composed off reasoning he was a flop prefer the Ghostbusters reboot. Ziggler came into WWE with promise and also had success, yet he fizzled out. However, through his have to prove the countless critics wrong, he’s in a job resurgence. What happens if Ziggler loses at SummerSlam? Ziggler says he’s not worried around after SummerSlam. He’s only worried around this Sunday and also the WWE Championship.

Ambrose smirks and says this is the brand-new Dolph Ziggler with laser focus. A lot of world think Ziggler has actually turned the corner, however he doesn’t purchase it. Miz goes come speak, however Ziggler shouts at him to save his mouth shut. Ziggler asks what Ambrose wants from him. A “Shut your mouth” hymn fires up because that Miz. Walk Ambrose desire him to admit that he provides the critics as fuel for success? walk he desire him to recognize that everything he’s claimed to him end the last 3 weeks makes him want to kick his head off his neck? Ziggler claims Ambrose is right, however Ambrose will need to admit ~ SummerSlam the he was the last press that placed him end the edge to beat him because that the title.

Ambrose claims that’s really an effective stuff, therefore let’s say he wins somehow and proves anyone wrong. Does the think his life will certainly transform and also the critics will it is in quiet? getting the title is as soon as it starts obtaining really hard. All the critics, doubters, and also demons room still there, just with a bigger target. They both recognize that Ziggler doesn’t favor pressure. He can’t take care of it. That’s why that never ordered the ball and also scored a touchdown. Ziggler is happy gift the sarcastic star the his very own crappy movie. Ambrose states the chip ~ above Ziggler’s shoulder is substantial and it’ll weigh him down and also bury him due to the fact that he’s never ever felt pressure choose he’ll feeling at SummerSlam. Ziggler will get schooled, beat up, and embarrassed. Ziggler will prove other to anyone by proving that he doesn’t desire it bad enough and also will never obtain it. Ambrose hold the location up. Ziggler says Ambrose doesn’t recognize a cursed thing about him. The just thing Ambrose knows is the he’ll have to dig under deep this Sunday and also it quiet won’t it is in enough. Ambrose doesn’t have enough to placed him away. It won’t it is in enough. As Ambrose reaches under deep and also pulls out his hair to look because that one last move — Ziggler every one of a sudden drops him with a superkick. The group boos him as Ziggler stares down at the fallen champion. Ziggler says, “This Sunday you’ll establish that i am the damn good.” Ziggler then walks off.

John Cena will challenge off against Alberto Del Rio later tonight. We’ll likewise see Randy Orton take it on heath Slater. If Slater wins, he’ll acquire a Smackdown Live contract. Comes up next, we’ll view The Usos, exaggeration Bros, and also American Alpha face Breezango, The Ascension, and The Vaudevillains.

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During the advertisement break, The Miz was talk trash about Apollo Crews (he was calling the “Apollo Creed”). Crews come out to correct him on his name. Miz talked ago to him, so Crews offered him a spinout powerbomb.

The Usos, American Alpha, and also The exaggeration Bros vs. The Vaudevillains, The Ascension, and also Breezango

Tyler Breeze will begin the match against Chad Gable. Castle lock up, and also Breeze powers him to the corner. Viktor tag in and also stomps Gable before punching him down. Viktor speak trash prior to giving that an uppercut for a 2 count. Viktor elevator him up, yet Gable gets out and also takes him down with an arm drag. Mojo Rawley sign in and clips the knee. Rawley avalanches that in the corner prior to tagging in Zack Ryder. Konnor runs in, and a brawl division out in between all the teams.

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We come ago from the break to check out Ryder and Konnor down. Aiden English and also Jey Uso room tagged in. Plenty of of the participants are still top top the floor. Jey clotheslines English down prior to knocking Fandango turn off the apron. Jey clotheslines English again prior to kicking the in the midsection and also punching him. Jey catches him v a Samoan Drop prior to getting the group going. Jey hits a to run hip assault before Jason Jordan blind tags in. Jordan and also Jey have some words Jordan provides English one Alphaplex. Konnor division it up, and also Ryder gives him the Broski Boot. Rawley cut Viktor off prior to he can attack, and also they give him The hype Ryder. Breeze operation in and also drops Ryder v the beauty Shot. Rawley then levels Breeze with a best hand. Fandango superkicks Rawley, and Jimmy Uso superkicks him. The Usos then offer Simon Gotch a stereotype superkick. Jey climate takes the end the majority of the competitors with a plancha. English assaults Jimmy from behind. American Alpha then gives him cool Amplitude for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: The Usos, American Alpha, and The hype BrosMatch Rating: * 3/4 

Dean Ambrose is viewed angrily speed in his locker room. He’ll challenge Erick Rowan later on tonight. Comes up next, we’ll ultimately see Eva Marie’s “Spectacular Debut.”

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A replay is presented of Eva Marie’s wardrobe breakdown that prevented her from making she debut last week as soon as again.

Naomi has a brand new entrance through black light, brand-new tights, and throwing the end party favors. It’s quite impressive.

Naomi vs. Eva Marie

The announcer goes through the lengthy entrance for Eva Marie before saying the she’s to be delayed due to traffic and also will be unable to compete. The debut has actually been put off again.

Footage is presented from Hell in a cell 2015 when Alberto Del Rio made his go back to WWE to defeat man Cena because that the WWE United claims Championship.

Alberto Del Rio is warming up backstage as soon as AJ formats walks up to him. Styles says he’s jealousy that he gets to punch the smirk turn off the challenge that operation this place. Styles says he witnessed him win Cena because that the United states Championship at Hell in a Cell last year. Del Rio asks if he’s excellent living in the past. Formats gets excited around “Beat up man Cena,” but he’s to be doing it because that a long time. He doesn’t require Styles’ pep talk. Formats says maybe that’s why he’s in the key event and also Del Rio isn’t also on the card. Styles walks off together Del Rio look at furious.

Later tonight, we’ll see Dean Ambrose take it on Erick Rowan. Coming up next, heather Slater will contend for a Smackdown Live contract… versus Randy Orton.

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A video clip airs because that Curt Hawkins v these ridiculous truth such together he doesn’t flush bathrooms – that scares the crap out of them. He’ll be debuting soon.

If heather Slater wins, he’ll get a Smackdown Live contractRandy Orton vs. Heather Slater

The bell rings, and Orton quickly takes the down through one absent to the midsection. Orton sends him shoulder-first right into the ring short article before repeating the move. Orton clotheslines him down and also starts stomatic his limbs. Orton kicks him prior to putting him in the corner. Orton uppercuts him a few times before wildly punching far at him. The referee make the efforts to acquire Orton come let him out of the corner. Orton clubs the chest before the referee calls because that the bell.

Winner by Disqualification: pagan SlaterMatch Rating: 1/2 *

Orton angrily looks at the referee prior to throwing Slater the end of the ring. Orton then throws Slater over the commentary table. Orton drags Slater’s limp human body from behind the table prior to hooking his head. Orton then offers him a former suplex top top the barricade prior to laying him out through a draping DDT come the floor! The group starts chanting for an RKO. Orton gets Slater come his feet and also puts him in the ring. Slater is completely unconscious in the ring. Orton start walking approximately him together Slater comes to. Slater it s okay to his feet, and also Orton gives him a German Suplex before bouncing around like Brock Lesnar does. Orton picks him up and also gives him one more German Suplex. Orton climate stalks him and also gives the an RKO for great measure. Orton poses ~ above the turnbuckle.

Bray Wyatt’s video flashes on the screen. Wyatt says, “Austin, Texas… we’re here.”

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A medical professional is assessing Heath Slater in the trainer’s room. Slater complains the he’s hurting all over. Shane McMahon and also Daniel Bryan come in clapping for him and mention that he technically won. Slater says he’s displayed Brock Lesnar and also Randy Orton no mercy. Bryan says that’s a great name for a PPV. Slater thinks Bryan is Mick Foley and says the loves the reality show. Shane provides Slater a contract, and also Slater says he watch beautiful, thinking he’s Stephanie McMahon. Shane then takes the contract away.

Erick Rowan w/ Bray Wyatt vs. Dean Ambrose

During the advertisement break, Bray Wyatt walk face-to-face with Randy Orton as he do his means to the back.

The bell rings, and Ambrose quickly gets him right into the corner prior to punching away at him. Rowan shoves him off and shoulder blocks him down. Rowan puts that in the corner and also stomps him prior to digging his forearm right into his face. Rowan gets him top top his shoulder, however Ambrose slides off and goes because that Dirty Deeds, yet Rowan it s okay out. Ambrose access time the ropes, duck a turn kick, and also dropkicks him over the top rope. Ambrose climate wipes the out through a self-destruction dive. Ambrose sends him right into the barricade and also puts him in the ring. Ambrose duck a clothesline, yet gets recorded with a powerslam attempting a cross-body. Ambrose goes external to recover, however Rowan takes him out through a baseball slide. Rowan sends him into the barricade and puts him ago in the ring for a 2 count. Rowan applies a chin lock, but Ambrose fights up. Rowan quickly takes that down and also taunts the crowd. Rowan sends out him difficult into the corner and steps on him. Rowan head-butts him a couple of times before sending him come the the contrary corner and also running right into a boot. Ambrose climate pulls the peak rope down to acquire him out of the ring. Ambrose stays clear of a running big boot and also starts punching and chopping him. Ambrose access time the ropes and punches him prior to hitting a ago suplex. Ambrose goes come the optimal rope for a diving elbow drop because that a close to fall. Rowan pushes him into the ropes and takes the down with a spinning heel kick for a close to fall.

Ambrose fights out of a slam, however Rowan goes for a powerbomb. Ambrose slides off and connects v a fag clotheslines. Rowan rips in ~ his face, however Ambrose kicks that in the midsection and also drops him through Dirty Deeds for the win.

Winner through Pinfall: Dean AmbroseMatch Rating: * 1/4

Bray Wyatt watch disgusted sitting in his rocking chair in ~ ringside. We then watch replays of the highlights of this match. Wyatt stares down at Rowan’s sheep mask and also leaves it on his rocking chair prior to walking turn off on him.

Tonight’s main occasion will watch John Cena take on Alberto Del Rio. Comes up next, we’ll see Becky Lynch and Carmella confront Natalya and also Alexa Bliss.

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Natalya and Alexa Bliss vs. Carmella and Becky Lynch

Footage is shown of Alexa Bliss beating Becky Lynch critical week on Smackdown Live.

Natalya will begin the match versus Carmella. Castle lock up, and also Natalya strength her into the ropes. Natalya provides a clean break, and Carmella beginning punching away at her. Carmella climate takes her down through a head-scissor takeover. Carmella go a moonwalk prior to hitting the ropes, but Natalya drops her through a discus clothesline. Natalya taunts Becky prior to trying come hit her, yet Becky prevents it. Alexa Bliss is tagged in, and they slam Carmella down. Alexa stand on Carmella and also stomps her for a two count. Alexa applies a chin lock, but Carmella fights up and connects with a jawbreaker.

Natalya and also Becky are tagged in. Becky avalanches Alexa in the corner and sends Natalya right into her. Becky provides Natalya a springboard kick before connecting with a pair of clotheslines and also a jumping heel kick. Becky it s okay the crowd going before hitting a to run forearm in the corner and also an exploder suplex because that a near fall. Natalya elbows her back and punches far at her. They climate hit the ropes and take each other out through a dual cross-body block.

Eva Marie’s music hits, and also she provides her way to the stage before blowing a kiss to the crowd. Naomi’s music hits, and she comes out to an obstacle her. Eva begs she off and runs away. Naomi chases her around the ring. Eva gets in the ring. Natalya grabs Naomi together she gets in and throws her out of the ring. Natalya climate rolls Becky up for a 2 count. Becky kicks out and also applies the Dis-Arm-Her for the entry victory! Eva isn’t happy v the result.

Winners by Submission: Carmella and Becky LynchMatch Rating: * 1/4

Coming increase next, we’ll watch the Lesnar/Orton: 15 years in the making video.

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We watch Baron Corbin shattering Kalisto’s head into a steel garage door. Corbin claims some human being are born to it is in victims. Every time he gets up, he’ll put him earlier down. Corbin states he does every little thing he desires whenever he wants to whoever that wants.

Video Package: Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton: 15 year in the Making

Naomi, Becky Lynch, and Carmella will take top top Natalya, Eva Marie, and Alexa Bliss at SummerSlam.

AJ Styles’ music hits, and also he provides his means to the ringside area. He’ll be scouting john Cena, his SummerSlam opponent, in this next match. Cena deals with Alberto Del Rio, next.

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Alberto Del Rio vs. Man Cena

The bell rings, and they one the ring before locking up. Del Rio uses a side headlock, yet Cena whips the off. Del Rio comes right back with a shoulder block. Cena quickly pops up, and also they one the ring. A “Let’s go Cena/Cena sucks” chant fires up. Lock lock up, and Del Rio applies one more side headlock. Cena whips him off, fall down, leapfrogs him, and takes him down with a i know well toss. Del Rio conveniently rolls out of the ring and jumps into the crowd to recover.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to check out Del Rio come off the optimal rope v a diving punch for a close to fall. During the commercial, Cena and also Styles went face-to-face prior to Del Rio kicked Cena down. Del Rio applies a chin lock, yet Cena fights up. Del Rio quickly kicks him right into the ropes. Del Rio goes because that a splash against the ropes, however Cena moves. Del Rio crashes and burns top top the floor. Cena puts him in the ring and goes because that an AA, however Del Rio slides off and pins him with a German Suplex leg for a near fall. Del Rio stomps and boots the in the head. Del Rio to adjust up because that a huge kick and connects with it. Del Rio signals for an additional one, however Cena moves and starts punching far at the in the corner. Cena sends him into the the opposite corner, yet Del Rio sidesteps him. Cena access time the turnbuckles sternum first, which gives Del Rio a 2 count. Del Rio sends out him sternum an initial into the corner again and kicks the in the spine for one more two count. Del Rio hooks the head and also plants him through a DDT because that yet another near fall. Del Rio taunts the crowd together we go to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

We come earlier from the rest to view Del Rio ~ above the top rope. Cena dropkicks him out of mid-air as soon as he come off. Cena beginning his comeback v a pair that shoulder tackles and a earlier suplex powerbomb. Cena connects with the 5 Knuckle Shuffle before going for the perspective Adjustment, yet Del Rio slides off and also connects v a Backstabber for a close to fall. Del Rio looks really frustrated. Del Rio sets up in the corner for a superkick, yet Cena block it and goes for the STF. Del Rio fights out and also takes that down with the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Del Rio goes for a step-up enzuigiri, but Cena stays clear of it and clotheslines the down. Cena goes to the optimal rope, yet Del Rio floors him through a step-up enzuigiri for a close to fall. Del Rio punches the mat in frustration.

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Del Rio taunts the crowd and signals for the Cross arm Breaker. Del Rio goes because that it, however Cena counters into the STF! Del Rio conveniently claws come the bottom rope. Del Rio kicks the in the midsection and also kicks him in the confront for a near fall. AJ layouts takes his jacket turn off in disappointed at ringside. Cena goes because that an AA, yet Del Rio slides off and applies the Cross eight Breaker. Cena easily picks that up and slams that down. Cena climate connects v the AA because that the win!

Winner by Pinfall: john CenaMatch Rating: ** 1/2

AJ layouts angrily gets up from commentary and wipes Cena out v a Phenomenal Forearm. The crowd loudly boos formats as he stands over Cena. Styles says, “I am sick and tired of listening the future goes v John Cena. This Sunday as soon as I win you, Cena, I will certainly be the confront that runs this place! You speak you love the WWE? That’s great because I’m walking to make your enthusiasm your prison. Together I currently told you once, boy, her time is up. Mine time is now!” The crowd boos formats as he goes to leave the ring. Styles then stops and goes for a formats Clash, yet Cena comes earlier with an AA!

Cena goes outside and takes the top off the commentary table before removing the monitors. Cena slams Styles’ head turn off the stole steps and also sets them increase in prior of the table. Cena it s okay him ~ above his shoulders and climbs the steps prior to slamming him through the table with a vicious AA! Cena it s okay in the ring and also poses for the crowd.

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* The Usos, American Alpha, and also The hype Bros def. The Vaudevillains, The Ascension, and Breezango* heather Slater def. Randy Orton via DQ* Dean Ambrose def. Erick Rowan (non-title)* Carmella and also Becky Lynch def. Natalya and also Alexa Bliss via Submission* man Cena def. Alberto Del Rio