from what i check out on the web chances space slim, yet that absolutely doesnt mean chances space 0.if the illustrator that manga decides do come up with an ext content they can release second seasonall we have the right to do know is pray.(dont tell me the anime needs second season, i dislike ppl prefer u -.-)


The Manga ended a lengthy time earlier and tbh it was pretty absence luster come say the the very least I really doubt it’ll happen haha

In mine opinion, after ~ the part that the anime adjusted the manga walk downhill, conserve yourself from disappointment and also never hope for a second season. The story should have just perfect at the point the anime ends, it gives a an excellent ending for the series.

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Count me in the crowd that thinks the anime ended at the appropriate spot. Sometimes, you won't it is in happy through the story if it is continued.

For example, Kyoukai no Kanata (Beyond the Border) must not have had actually a 2nd season. People are screaming for a 2nd season that Violet Evergarden when I'm hope it never happens due to the fact that the story would be ruined.

Then there are the mirrors that for sure need an additional season come tie up all those loose ends and complete the story. This is a large list, no doubt because the anime sector in Japan is seeing largely as a means to push manga sales.

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Kyoukai no Kanata (Beyond the Border) have to not have had a second season

Kyoukai no Kanata doesn't have actually a 2nd season though ? room you're introduce to the sequel movie (which was absolutely necessary to the story) ?

this is why ns hate civilization like u, just cuz u speak it doesnnt need second season doesnt average others agree.If you dont want it not watch it when it come out

Damn world arent a pan of the manga it seems. I've read 20 the end of the 28 volumes so perhaps it does walk to shit in the last 8 volumes, but so much I didnt find the stuff that happens previous the anime ending to be awful. The personalities alone space fun and likable enough to deserve a second season in my eyes also though the story does feel lacking. Not favor it problem though cause chances are its not getting another season

Where walk you get "chances are slim" from? the wasn't that popular of a collection and didn't get sufficient attention, and also it aired 4 year ago, i beg your pardon is a an extremely long time when it concerns anime as no one is paying fist to it no longer after whole 4 years. That's not a slim chance, that's just 0. Even when the anime aired and the manga hadn't ended, there was still a most content for a sequel yet it never gained one, so it's lack of popular was absolutely the reason it never acquired a second season. Analysis the manga is the only means you'll get much more unfortunately.