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Thank you di...

I really want this!

Wow! This is awesome!Thanks sos so much! Do you have actually all the episodes?

I’m in the US and also I can’t watch these old episodes. Is it ok if I downloaded them to me laptop? Also carry out I need any special program to watch it?

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Originally posted by sakshi.ekansh

Hi All,

As many of our friends are dealing with issues in watching old episodes of our present. I have tried to uppack some initial episodes on the drive. The attach is listed below. Do let me understand in situation you confront any problems while accessing. Since episodes are being uploaded, please store refreshing the links to uncover the latest ones. In a day or two i"ll be finiburned uploading.

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I"ll keep updating the episode web links below as shortly as I"ll uppack.

Thanks & Keep Spreading Smiles

Thanks a lot dear ♥️


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Posted: 2 years ago
Thank you SO much!!!! Dil le lo yaar!