The _____ duty is a logical function that return a TRUE value if any type of of the logical conditions are true and a FALSE value if all the logical conditions are FALSE.

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If you modify a cell in a calculated obelisk so it is no longer regular with the other formulas in the column, a _____ shows up in the upper-left edge of the cell.

green triangle

The _____ function is a logical role that evaluates a condition and also then returns one value if the condition is true and also another value if the condition is false.


You could test 2 or an ext conditions and determine even if it is all problems are true using the _____ function.


You can include up to _____ logical problems in the and also function


The _____ function calculates the difference between two dates and shows the result in months, days, or years.


_____ recommendations make it less complicated to produce formulas the use portions or all of an Excel table due to the fact that the names of headers room usually less complicated to determine than cabinet addresses.


When you produce a calculation column, you have the right to use _____ referrals to develop the formula.


You have the right to _____ IF attributes to allow for three or an ext outcomes.


When making use of VLOOKUP, the _____argument is optional.


Using the VLOOKUP function, an exact match lookup occurs as soon as the value gotten in must complement one of the values in _____ of the lookup table.

the first column

If you watch _____ as the result of a VLOOKUP formula, you could have gone into a letter for the col_index_num rather of a number.


You deserve to use a _____ function to return a value from a table the is based upon an approximate enhance lookup.


An error value starts with a(n) _____ followed by one error name that shows the form of error.

number sign

The major difference in between HLOOKUP and also VLOOKUP attributes is the method the lookup tables are _____.


The _____ error value method that a value is not obtainable to a duty or formula.


You can modify existing conditional formatting rule from the Conditional Formatting _____ dialog box. Click the Edit dominion button and also make the appropriate changes.

Rules Manager

The _____ role calculates the number of cells in a variety that enhance criteria girlfriend specify.


The _____ role adds the worths in a selection that enhance criteria friend specify.

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The _____ role calculates the mean of worths in a selection that complement criteria girlfriend specify.


Case 8-1Evaluate the formula =AND(G2="FT",M2>=1) based ~ above the info provided. What value is returned assuming that G2 has the value PT and M2 consists of the value 2?


Case 8-1Evaluate the formula =AND(G2="FT",M2>=1) based top top the details provided. What worth is returned assuming that G2 contains the value FT and also M2 has the worth 2?


Case 8-2Your boss in the human being resources department asks girlfriend to write a duty that calculates the size of time that employees have actually been with the firm, utilizing the DATEDIF function. Assume that C2 includes the hire day for a provided employee and also that cell $AE$2 has the cut-off date versus which to to compare the hire date to recognize length that service. For one service recognition program, you need to calculate the size of company in complete months. What is the correct formula?

=DATEDIF(C2, $AE$2, "m")

Case 8-3You have been using a variety of nested IF functions to calculate costs in your spreadsheet once a colleague stop by and also comments on what you have been working on, saying that there is an easier method to use. I beg your pardon of the adhering to is one effective alternate for the usage of extensive nested IF functions?

lookup table

Case 8-3You have actually been using a selection of nested IF features to calculate prices in your spreadsheet as soon as a colleague stop by and also comments on what you have actually been working on, arguing that over there is an easier strategy to use. If girlfriend omit the range_lookup worth from a LOOKUP function, i m sorry of the adhering to is true?