Singer-songwriter Darrell Scott states this is a good time because that music: "There"s no a shortage of yes, really artists and also songwriting people. We just need to work harder come hear it."

Darrell Scott is well-known for his songs. His hits incorporate "You"ll never ever Leave Harlan Alive" (recorded by Brad Paisley, Patty Loveless, Kathy Mattea, Dave Alvin and also others), "Long Time Gone" (a hit because that The Dixie Chicks) and "It"s a great Day To be Alive" (a hit because that Travis Tritt), but he"s likewise well recognized in Americana circles because that performing and writing many equally completed songs.

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"The access time I"ve had have been accidents," states Scott in a phone call while driving indigenous his home in Overton County, Tenn. "I created "You"ll never ever Leave Harlan Alive" due to the fact that I to be trying to understand what occurred to mine great-grandfather. You give thanks to wherever that came from, however what i haven"t excellent is shot to compose 10 more songs similar to it. Those have actually made money so ns don"t need to do anything else for work, but those to be songs i was creating for myself."

Scott, 56, will certainly release a new album, "The Couchville Sessions," on might 13. It"s one album that fits in well with the song fans have been familiar with because that the past two decades.

Scott has actually been writing since the age of 12. Born in London, Ky., Scott prospered up both in east Gary, Ind., and Southern California. Indigenous a musical family, the learned exactly how to play several instruments and absorbed the music of songwriting greats the the 1960s and "70s, and also older masters, including Hank Williams. After studying poetry and literature in ~ Tufts college in Massachusetts, Scott moved to Nashville, wherein he became a favourite player performing together Sam Bush, Tim O"Brien, Steve Earle, man Cowan and other Nashville-based music greats.

It wasn"t long prior to Scott became too known for his songwriting together his playing. He states he didn"t really discover his "writer"s voice" till he remained in his 30s.

In 1997, he released the album "Aloha indigenous Nashville," which included "You never Leave Harlan Alive," and it was conveniently recognized as a classic. Plenty of years later the television display "Justified" would use the song to bookend its seasons.

Since that time, Scott has released a series of acclaimed albums and also had his songs taped by scores the artists. He says songwriting hasn"t adjusted for him.

"I"m constantly trying to compose the ideal song that"s coming throughout to me. I"m providing it the finest I"ve got every time. In some ways I don"t feel prefer I"m in regulate of that. Prefer it has its own energy to that. My project is to just be quiet about it and also see whereby it"s going to go. Ns think there"s certainly a ar or a concentration, a level of concentration wherein you"re no really reasoning of anything rather or came to with something else. ... I"m in the service of the song. Complying with the song is the thing of the game."

Scott resided in Nashville because that years. However, he recently bought 500 acres in between Cookeville and Crossville.

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"We"re growing food and using solar power. We have chickens and also ducks for the an initial time. I"m loving the quiet and also easier way, life closer to the earth and having much more self-sustainability. As soon as the tour"s over I"m gaining some goats and maybe some pigs."

He states he"s happy about the change, but his life has actually been great for a while.

"I gain to perform what I desire to do. That"s been the situation for a an excellent while. I pick the recordings I desire to placed out and also the songs, and really rarely is that the last 10 songs ns wrote equals an album. I type of operation in a different kind of means than that. ... I"m a life time artist favor Malcolm (Holcombe) is or Johnny Cash to be or a potter who is walking to it is in throwing pots for the rest of his life. I"m among those."