You, Me and also the Apocalypse Season 1 Episode 10 Review: End of Days

Boy, was I wrong. The moment once we observed Jamie, naked and bruised, crawling towards the bunker, was truly a gut-wrenching scene. Ariel tricked everyone as soon as aacquire. The idea that Jamie is going to die in such a manner is absolutely horrifying.

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It was a wonderful one-two punch on the writers" component, although I"m not certain what exactly the endgame remained in a storyinforming feeling. 

From the very start, the present had actually challenge finding its tone. It presents itself as part comedy, part drama. However, the two never before really meshed well together. It was never rather funny sufficient to be earn its whimsical moments. However, the present additionally never before really committed to its dramatic scenes either. 

Instead, more frequently than not, the viewers are left feeling just slightly entertained. Since we were provided the finish scene at the bunker at the extremely start, the majority of of the dramatic stress was taken out of the present.

Woah, have actually I become the voice of factor now? Marriage has actually adjusted me.


Each episode was a deeper understanding right into the personalities, but because we currently knew their fate, it didn"t really make sense to invest in the personalities or their motivations.

But via this shocker of an finishing, the writers have actually showed that the sluggish, somewhat tedious trudge with each life of the personalities was fodder for this one, emotional moment.

But to what end? What was You, Me and also the Apocalypse really about? It had appeared at times that it was going to be a fun romp via the end times, while superficially researching just how various civilization about the people would certainly behave actually if their resides were finishing.

But currently it appears that the whole seakid was one long buildup to a dark punchline. We are led now to believe that the good males inevitably lose to the poor.

Jude was betrayed, Rashesh sacrificed himself, Rhonda discussed to the dark side, and also lastly Ariel beat Jamie as soon as and for all.

Tbelow were also many subplots that were introduced, but never really went anywhere. Jamie fulfilling his role as boy of God showed up randomly, and was gone simply as quickly.

And you"d think if he really was the messiah, he"d be able to defeat Ariel in some method at the end. He was despeprice enough, wasn"t he?

Celine and Jude were hardly offered any resolution either. Her vision from God was sindicate forobtained by the end, reinserted by the new revelation that she was pregnant. 

Oh, we had a chicken choose you as soon as. We cut off its head and ate it.


Frankie"s divinity was also ignored. It was clear that she heard a voice that sounded a lot prefer Jamie"s. So, was it Jamie? Was it God? Was Celine"s vision of God real? Who was the woman in the crate? Tright here are so many inquiries left unanswered.

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The display gave us a truly bleak outcome, and I"m not sure they earned this downer finishing. With no plans of a second seakid, we are ssuggest left via the triumph of evil, and a bad taste in our mouths.

What did you all think of the finale? Were you satisfied by just how everything ended? Do you think Jamie will survive? What do you think will happen to those in the bunker? Share your thoughts via us in the comments below!

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